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Brad Diamond

Brad Diamond

Has $100 Bettors Up $6,395
Since 06/10/13

Rob Vinciletti

Rob Vinciletti

Has $100 Bettors Up $5,534
Since 10/04/14

Johnny Banks

Johnny Banks

Has $100 Bettors Up $4,170
Since 03/13/15

Chase Diamond

Chase Diamond

Has $100 Bettors Up $2,499
Since 05/30/15

Handicapper Leaderboards

Yesterday's Best
Handicapper Profit
Sean Higgs $407
Total Sports Edge $339
Scott Rickenbach $300
Kyle Hunter $300
Jimmy Adams $240
This Week's Best
Handicapper Profit
Bill O'Brien $1,492
Jimmy Boyd $1,171
Tony Stoffo $991
Bobby Conn $920
Brian Hay $685
Best This Month
Handicapper Profit
Bill O'Brien $2,535
Bobby Conn $2,419
Lee Williams $1,566
GamePlan $1,357
Jack Jones $1,228
Overall Leaders
Handicapper Profit
Don Anthony $6,117
GamePlan $4,966
R&R Totals $4,449
Rocky Sheridan $4,160
Stephen Nover $3,209
NBA Leaders
Handicapper Profit
Alex Smart $3,378
Stephen Nover $2,887
Don Anthony $1,671
Jeff Allen $1,532
Johnny Wynn $1,523
CBB Leaders
Handicapper Profit
R&R Totals $2,348
Don Anthony $1,892
Miguel DaSilva $1,775
Jesse Schule $1,629
Stephen Nover $1,348
NFL Leaders
Handicapper Profit
Jeff Alexander $2,325
Jeff Hochman $1,806
Scott Rickenbach $1,675
Rob Vinciletti $1,621
Heath Mac $1,467
CFB Leaders
Handicapper Profit
Brad Diamond $3,455
Rob Vinciletti $2,610
Brandon Shively $2,551
Alex Smart $2,222
Jack Jones $2,175
MLB Leaders
Handicapper Profit
GamePlan $6,118
Bobby Conn $4,900
R&R Totals $3,626
Tony Bucca $2,966
Rob Vinciletti $2,730
Pre-Season NFL Leaders
Handicapper Profit
Don Anthony $712
Jeff Allen $680
Matt Fargo $575
Lee Williams $570
Tony Stoffo $565
NHL Leaders
Handicapper Profit
Rocky Sheridan $3,160
Sean Higgs $3,116
Ross Benjamin $1,888
Doug Upstone $1,579
Lee Williams $1,010
Best Last 60 Days
Handicapper Profit
Bobby Conn $5,770
Mr. East $3,158
Bill O'Brien $2,857
Rob Vinciletti $2,567
Tony Bucca $2,292


SportsCapping.com Podcast, Episode 25 - 2015 SEC College Football Win Total Predictions

Subscribe to the SportsCapping.com Podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud. In this episode, football betting experts Jack Jones and Brandon Lee talk SEC football win totals. They give their over/under win predictions for every team, plus their SEC title game projections. New SportsCapping.com Podcast...

SportsCapping.com Podcast, Episode 24 - 2015 Pac-12 College Football Win Total Predictions

Subscribe to the SportsCapping.com Podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud. In this episode, handicappers Jack Jones and Brandon Lee give their over/under win total predictions for every team in the Pac-12, plus project the conference championship game matchup and winner. New SportsCapping.com Podcast...

Betting Preview Thursday 08/27

August, 27 2015 SportsCapping Newsletter   NEW SportsCapping NCAAF Podcast! Jack Jones and Brandon Lee are giving out their win totals on a number of the top college football conferences. In each conference they preview, they will give their win total rating (5* to 1*) for each team. Listen to...

SportsCapping.com Podcast, Episode 23 - 2015 Big Ten College Football Win Total Predictions

Subscribe to the SportsCapping.com Podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud. If you are having trouble using the player below you can also download an MP3 of this episode by right-clicking here and choosing "save as". In this episode, college football handicappers Jack Jones and Brandon Lee talk Big Ten...

Keys to Betting NFL 6-Point Teasers

In layman terms, a teaser is a parlay bet that uses modified point spreads. In football, the most common modification is six points. So let’s say this week there are two bets you like: Jets -7.5, Raiders +1.5. Rather than betting these straight or in a parlay, you could make a two team six point...

2015 Washington Redskins Predictions

The Washington Redskins, or whatever they may eventually end up being named if this lawsuit ever comes to its final decision, are still struggling to recover from the deal that sent a slew of draft picks to the Rams in order for Washington to select Robert Griffin III. We all know how that’s...

2015 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Predictions

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were an unmitigated disaster in the 2014 season as they finished 2-14 on the year in Lovie Smith’s first year at the helm of the franchise. Tampa Bay did end up with the top overall pick in the draft and hope to turn things around sooner rather than later. In a weak NFC...

2015 Tennessee Titans Predictions

The Tennessee Titans were a train wreck last season and it may take several years to end up untangling the derailment of a once proud franchise. The team struggled to a 2-14 season last year and that didn’t even get them to the top spot in the NFL Draft; that bonus fell to the Tampa Bay...

2015 St. Louis Rams Predictions

The St. Louis Rams are stuck in the NFC West with the two-time defending conference champions in the Seattle Seahawks, which can make it tough to be optimistic about their chances as far as postseason action goes. One has to wonder a couple of things: for starters, how much longer will owner Stan...

2015 Seattle Seahawks Predictions

The Seattle Seahawks are the two-time defending NFC champions and were a mere blown play call from winning back to back Super Bowls. The Seahawks have the talent and wherewithal to be at the top of the food chain in the NFC once again but it will be a slightly tougher task as teams like the Packers...

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