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Yesterday's Best
Service Units
Jeff Hochman +300.0
Aaron Toller +300.0
Rocky Atkinson +295.0
Kyle Hunter +290.0
Bill Biles +290.0
This Week's Best
Service Units
Miguel DaSilva +1179.0
Patrick Webb +1130.0
Trev Rogers +942.0
Sean Higgs +870.0
Pure Lock +867.0
Best This Month
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Tony Bucca +3928.0
Trev Rogers +2268.0
Dave Price +2090.0
Michael Alexan... +2073.0
Joe Duffy +1918.0
Overall Leaders
Service Units
Trev Rogers +8319.0
Ben Burns +5826.0
Chase Diamond +5593.0
Steve Merril +5532.0
Jack Jones +4737.0
NBA Leaders
Service Units
Art Aronson +3128.0
Johnny Banks +2661.0
Lee Williams +2645.0
Jeff Alexander +2492.0
Chip Chirimbes +2466.0
College Basketball Leaders
Service Units
Dennis Macklin... +2985.0
Vernon Croy +2768.0
Jack Jones +2278.0
Kyle Hunter +1864.0
Will Rogers +1830.0
NFL Leaders
Service Units
Trev Rogers +1047.0
Andre Ramirez +1017.0
Tony Bucca +884.0
Rob Vinciletti +824.0
Rocky Atkinson +701.0
College Football Leaders
Service Units
Tom Stryker +1682.0
Oliver Alonso +1266.0
Brad Diamond +1211.0
Trev Rogers +1193.0
Rocky Sheridan +1082.0
MLB Leaders
Service Units
Miguel DaSilva +5584.0
Trev Rogers +4266.0
Chase Diamond +4233.0
Doc's Sports +3349.0
Ben Burns +3118.0
Pre-Season NFL Leaders
Service Units
Michael Alexan... +976.0
Lee Williams +956.0
Art Aronson +705.0
Tony George +560.0
Chase Diamond +465.0
NHL Leaders
Service Units
Ben Burns +4574.0
Johnny Banks +3771.0
Art Aronson +2360.0
Vernon Croy +2211.0
Jim Feist +1783.0
Best Last 60 Days
Service Units
Tony Bucca +4010.0
Trev Rogers +3826.0
Ben Burns +2655.0
Brad Diamond +2416.0
Dave Price +2389.0


Using the AFP as a Contrary Indicator
Posted by Joe Gavazzi | Monday, 29 September 2014

Everyone agrees that finding value is the key to a long-term winning percentage as a sports handicapper.  It is easy for the public to follow early season momentum in college football.  It is easy because it is obvious.  Obvious tends to be a long-term loser in football handicapping.  If you are serious about seeking value, you will consider using the AFP as a profitable contrary indicator. AFP is an abbreviation for “away from the pointspread.”  It is the number that a team wins or loses vs. the pointspread in any given game.  For example, if a 7 point favorite wins the game by 17 points, they have a +10 AFP in that contest.  The AFP can be used for individual games as a cumulative measure for any period of time, or season to date; or, as a home/road indicator using only those games.  It is an easy to use way to determine a true measure of how successful a team has been vs. the pointspread in a given period of time.  It is also one of the ways the linemaker uses to...

NFL Cold Starts and September Surprises
Posted by Jim Feist | Monday, 29 September 2014

So…are we all set for the Cardinals/Texans Super Bowl? Would be quite a surprise, wouldn’t it, with both combing to go 12-20 last season. They’ve been part of a group of surprise teams so far in the NFL. Atlanta bounced back from an awful campaign by slaying their longtime division rivals (and tormenter) in the opener, a 37-34 comeback over the Saints that may give them some early confidence, though that did't carry over to Week 2. Miami did the same to the Patriots, a hat tossing 33-20 comeback win, stomping all over Bill Belichick’s “new and improved” defense. But, as Red Auerbach used to say about hoops, “It ain’t the 5 that start, it’s the 5 who finish.” Just think back one year ago at this time. The surprising Chiefs started 3-0, similar to 2011 ago when the Arizona Cardinals began 3-0, a pair of teams who weren't on anybody's radar to make deep playoff runs. Yet, there they were at the end of September among the NFL elite in the standings. I bring this up...