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Preseason NFL odds are a different animal than regular season odds.  Teams use this time of the season to try out new players and schemes and generally just feel things out.  This makes the preseason a lot harder to handicap.  With all of that being said, it doesn't mean you shouldn't shop around for the best possible odds if you are going to bet the preseason.  We list the odds from only the most trusted and top-rated sportsbooks in the industry.  Compare their odds and find the advantage on the games you bet.

Preseason NFL Odds Legend

# (Rotation Number)

Each team is assigned a rotation number to make it easier for them to be identified at the betting window (or over the phone).  You probably won't need it if you are betting online, but for betting in sportsbooks it's a must!


Scheduled start time for each game.  All times are Eastern.


This is the first available line for the game.  We provide it so you can compare it to the currently available odds.


Scores for live or completed games are listed in this column.

Betting Percentage

The betting percentage shows what percent of the total number of bets have been placed on each point spread, money line or total.

SC Odds

The SC Odds are simply an average of the odds from each book listed.

Average Power Ranking

This is the projected home team spread based on the average of several power ranking services (see full list of NFL power rankings if you are curious who we use for this).

Sportsbook Odds

Beneath each sportsbook logo you will find the odds they are currently giving for each game.  You can click on the odds to see the line movement history for that book.

Odds Type Filter

Use this drop down to filter by individual bet types like point spreads, money lines, or totals.  By default we list both point spreads and totals for preseason NFL games.

Game Segment Filter

If they are available, you can view half and quarter odds on preseason NFL games using this menu.  Full game odds are listed by default.