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Tennis wagering is growing steadily in popularity.  The lines listed above are provided so that you can compare the odds from the top sportsbooks in the industry.  Rarely are the lines from two books identical, so hopefully you can use this comparison to find the best odds on each match and maximize your profits.

Tennis Odds Legend

# (Rotation Number)

Every player is assigned their own rotation number as a way to easily identify them at the betting window.  These are more for in-person wagering at a sportsbook in a casino, but they are still used at online books as an easy way to sort matches.


Match start time.  All times are Eastern Time.


We post the first line from the first book to list odds on each match.  This way you can see how the odds have changed since the lines were first released.


Current match score, if available.

Betting Percentage

Percentage of bets taken on each player.  Please note that this represents a percentage of the total number of wagers placed, not a percentage of the total amount of action taken.

SC Odds

The SC Odds are an average the lines currently listed for a given match.

Sportsbook Odds

Under each sportsbooks' logo you'll find the current odds listed for each player.  Click on the odds to view a history of the line movement at that book.

Odds Type Filter

We currently only list the money line for Tennis matches but hope to add more options soon!