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The Canadian Football League obviously isn't as popular in the NFL, but it does have a strong enough following for sportsbooks to offer pretty competitive lines.  When you are looking at a betting market like the CFL, the most important aspect to consider is that odds are going to be more likely to fluctuate due to an imbalance of action.  This can case sharp line movements and, if you're on top of your game and know what you are doing, you can find huge advantages at one book versus another.  Use our table to compare the odds at the top sportsbooks in the industry and try to find those advantages to bring you more profit this season.

CFL Odds Legend

# (Rotation Number)

Each day each team is assigned a unique number called the Rotation Number.  That number is most often used to identify which team you are going to bet on at an actual sportsbook, like you'd find in a Las Vegas Casino.


Time each game is scheduled to start.  All times are Eastern Time.


This is the first line that was available on the game.  We provide it so you can compare the current odds to the opening line.


When games are in progress or completed the score will be listed here.

Betting Percentage

Percent of the total number of bets placed on each team or total.

SC Odds

Our SportsCapping Odds are the average of the odds from each book listed.

Sportsbook Odds

You will find the odds from each book in the column under its logo.  Click on any available odds to view a history of line movements at that book.

Odds Type Filter

The most common types of bets for the CFL are point spreads and totals, however, you can also view the money lines or filter by each type of bet using this menu.

Game Segment Filter

Some books offer halftime lines or lines for each quarter.  We show the full game odds by default but if those other odds are available, you can view them using the drop-down.