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We've taken the odds from the most trusted and most respected online sportsbooks and listed them side-by-side for you to compare so that you know you are getting the best possible college football lines.  Oddsmakers have gotten very good at estimating lines, but sometimes the public or sharp bettors move faster than they do.  This could be used to your advantage!  Beyond that, getting just a half point better line at one book compared to another can earn you a win or push that could have been a loss.  That saves you money!  It may only be a little at first, but over the course of an entire season you may end up saving some serious money.

College Football Odds Legend

# (Rotation Number)

Sportsbooks assign each team a unique number called a rotation number.  This number is usually used at the betting window in a casino's sportsbook simply because it's easier to find a number in an ordered list than to try to find a team's league and name to place a wager (at least before computers).  You probably won't need to know the rotation number if you are wagering online or through a local book, but they have become the standard way to sort games and you will still need it if you are betting in Las Vegas!


All game times are Eastern Time.


This is the very first line released on the game.  This way you can easily see where the line has moved from when it was first posted to now.


If a game has started or finished, its score will be posted here.

Betting Percentage

This number represents the percentage of bets taken (not amounts wagered) on each side or total for any given game.

SC Odds

Our fair odds based on the average from all major sportsbooks.

Average Power Ranking

We take our power rankings from several popular providers, average them out, then give you the estimated odds for the home team based on those numbers - or what the point spread should be based on the expert's ratings.

Sportsbook Odds

You will find the current odds for each book in the column with that book's logo.  Click any of the odds to see all of the line movements for that game from that sportsbook.

Odds Type Filter

We list the point spread and total for college football by default.  Use the drop-down list to change the view to the money line or any other individual or combination bet type you'd like to see.

Game Segment Filter

Full game odds are always listed by default, but as first half, second half, and quarter lines become available you can view them using this filter.