is where professional handicappers offer their expert sports wagering advice to the public.  

We track each capper's results independently so you can trust the records on display. This makes it easy to determine who knows how to beat the odds in each sport.

A Better Way to Find a Sports Handicapper

Our idea when creating the site was simple. We wanted to provide an easy way to compare sports handicappers. We wanted to help bettors find the one (or ones) that best fit their needs.

It is easy today for any handicapping service to put up a site and sell their picks.  What is difficult is finding out who is legitimately good at picking winners.

That's where we come in!  

We start by vetting each service that applies. We make sure they have shown an ability to provide customers with quality selections.  

Some of our handicappers have been in business for decades.  Others are new, up and coming minds.

Our only criteria are that they are professionals who can beat the odds.

We have done our best to make your process of choosing a handicapper easy. 

We provide up-to-date leaderboards

We have historical trends

And we even put together a list of who to follow.  

You can use any of this information to find a winning handicapper.

Independent, Accurate Record-Keeping

We track records in an automated and independent way.  This gives you an honest and accurate snapshot of how a handicapper performs.

Each handicapper enters picks into our system using current, widely available lines.  Once entered the pick locks and can not be modified. This ensures every customer receives the exact same picks.

You can view each pick 10-15 minutes after the game starts. 

You can see all picks made on yesterday's games.  

You can click any trend and see the games behind the numbers. The analysis of those picks is also included.

Many of our handicappers have their own unique rating system.  To keep things equal we assign the same value to every pick entered on our site.  That value is 100 units per pick.

This provides an easy way to compare profit numbers for each handicapper.

We do track picks that a handicapper marks as a "Top Play" too.  These picks are still graded using the 100 unit scale.  Yet, they can give you an idea of how the handicapper does on games he feels are better than normal.

*Free picks are excluded from records.

Industry Transparency is Good for Everyone

Handicappers have gotten a bad rap over the years.  We can see why.

There were false promises and exaggerated numbers. 

You won't find any of that on our site. Those types of short-sighted scammers are not tolerated here.

We want to establish a good business relationship with you. We want your business long-term.  

That is why we will always provide you with accurate records and realistic goals. 

That is why we will help you win more often than not.  

And that is why we will never allow any false records from any of our handicappers.

Tips on Choosing a Handicapper

There are handicappers who profit across the board. But we recommend you start with the ones who specialize in individual sports or leagues.

It's easy to find each sport's top experts.  

You can use our Hall of Fame page.

You can look at previous seasons with our leaderboard archives.

You can look at the long-term trends.

Short-term success is nice, but we tend to gravitate towards the long term numbers.  Those services who have shown time and time again that they can beat the odds are more likely to do so in the future.

Plus, you can also contact us for any help in choosing a handicapper that is right for you.