We have a lot of handicappers who sell picks on our site. Sometimes it can be tough to filter through everyone and make a decision on who has the best chance to make you money.

I'm an action junky, so I like to follow a few handicappers in each sport. Below I'm going to give you my top advice on who to follow in each sport.

I break each sport up into specific time periods. Some handicappers prepare for the beginning of the season better than others and kill it out of the gate. Others need to see the teams perform before they get enough information on who to back.

Other handicappers, well they specialize in types of bets. Some may be good at everything, others are better at totals than point spreads or vice versa.

Consider this page your cheat sheet to higher profits this year.

*Unless noted I recommend flat betting each handicapper's picks. Essentially all of my data ignores unit values. We do track top play v. non top play and I'll mention to only follow top plays if the data suggests it hits at a higher rate.

*Page Updated 03/01/2018. Records and new recommendations for changing time periods will be updated regularly.


We are in the final stretch run of the 2017-18 NBA regular-season. Here's a look out three of our top experts on the pro hardwood this time of year. 

Follow: Feb. 22nd - Apr. 11th (End of Regular-Season) 

Jack Jones

No surprise here with Jack Jones as one of the top NBA options to follow right now. Jack has been one of the best on the site at cashing winning tickets in pro basketball. In fact, he's the No. 2 ranked NBA handicapper long-term, as he continues to build on a run that's netted his clients over $121,000 in profits since 2009. Jack has been on top of his game this year, as he's currently the No. 1 ranked NBA capper for the 2017-18 season (124-87, 59% on all premium NBA picks). If you are looking for an expert to help you win more of your NBA bets, do yourself a favor and get a subscription from one of the best in the business. https://www.sportscapping.com/jack-jones.html

Jeff Alexander

Jeff Alexander is our No. 1 ranked NBA handicapper long-term, as he's delivered roughly $123,000 in profits dating back to the 2008 campaign. Alexander added to his resume with his 7th Top 10 finish in the NBA a year ago (#6). Simply put, there's not a bad time to follow Jeff on the pro hardwood. With that said, a big junk of his profits have come at this time of the year. Don't just get a short-term package. I highly recommend buying a season pass. https://www.sportscapping.com/jeff-alexander.html

Mr. East 

If you are someone who doesn't mind betting totals, you won't find a better handicapper at predicting the scoring output in NBA games than Mr. East, especially this time of year. Going back to the 2008 regular season, Mr. East has gone an impressive 527-396 (57%) on all his total plays, which has his $1,000 players profiting over $102,000. If you are serious about building up your bankroll, I strongly encourage you to get a premium package from Mr. East today. https://www.sportscapping.com/mr-east.html


Just like that the 2017-18 college basketball regular-season is almost over. Conference tournaments have already started and we are just a little over a week away from Selection Sunday. Here's a look at three of the top experts to follow during March Madness. 

Follow: Mar. 1st - April 

Kyle Hunter

No surprise her to find Kyle Hunter on this list. He's ranked inside the Top 10 all-time in long-term profits on the college hardwood and is currently ranked inside the Top 5 for the 2017-18 season. No one has profited more than Kyle this time of year, as he's got his $1,000 players up $55,000 during March Madness going back to 2010. If you are someone who struggles to pick winners this time of year, get signed up for a long-term package from Kyle before it's too late. https://www.sportscapping.com/kyle-hunter.html

Doc's Sports

Here's another NCAAB expert that is someone you can trust this time of year. Doc's Sports also comes in ranked inside the Top 10 overall in long-term profits and has three Top 10 finishes on his resume. Doc is 270-210 (56%) over his last 480 college basketball picks once the calendar turns to March. A stretch that has netted his clients over $43,000 in profits. It's time you let a true expert help you build your bankroll. Get signed up with Doc's Sports today. https://www.sportscapping.com/doc-s-sports.html

Jesse Schule 

Jesse Schule might not have been cashing tickets as long as Doc's Sports or Kyle Hunter, but he's been as good as it gets in March Madness. Dating back to 2013, Schule has gone an impressive 146-90 (62%) on all CBB plays this time of year. I strongly encourage to get in on the action. Find out what premium packages Schule has to offer and start winning more of your bets. https://www.sportscapping.com/jesse-schule.html


Here's a look at the top NHL experts who have excelled at picking winners after they have had time to study the teams. 

Follow: Dec. 1st - Mar. 31st

Johnny Banks

Johnny Banks is our our No. 1 ranked NHL handicapper in long-term earnings and it's no fluke. The guy has published over 4,500 hockey plays since 2009 and has profited more than $60,000 on these picks. He's twice finished the season as the No. 1 ranked NHL capper and has four Top 5 finishes on his resume overall. He's been especially good once December rolls around. Going back to 2009, Banks has profited over $31,000 during this point of the season. If you are someone who likes to bet hockey and isn't afraid of some action, get signed up with Banks today. https://www.sportscapping.com/johnny-banks.html

Ben Burns

Ben Burns is our No. 2 earner long-term in the NHL and he's made a killing with his hockey plays over the long haul. In fact, Burns long-term clients have netted over $50,000 with his NHL selections. Like Banks, he really turns it on once he's had time to breakdown the teams. From the middle of December to the end of March, Burns is hitting 61% on his hockey releases dating back to 2012 and that's 61% over 700+ plays. Start building your bankroll with Ben today. https://www.sportscapping.com/ben-burns.html

Sean Higgs

Here's another expert that has made a living beating the books on the ice. Sean Higgs has cashed in roughly $30K in profits dating back to 2013. He's got plenty of long-term success to back up the hype. Higgs was the #5 ranked NHL capper for 2016-17 season. That's his second Top 5 finish in the last 3 years, as he was #2 in the NHL for the 2014-15 campaign. Find out what premium packages he has available by clicking on the link. https://www.sportscapping.com/sean-higgs.html


The 2018 MLB regular-season is just around the corner and here's a look at three of top baseball experts to follow early on before the books have time to adjust. 

Follow: Mar. 29th - April 30th

Chase Diamond

When it comes to MLB experts that you can trust to get off to a hot start, Chase Diamond has to be at the top of the list. Going back to the 2013 regular-season, Chase has posted a 232-160 (59.2%) record on his baseball picks out of the gate. A run that has helped his $1,000 players bring home more than $56,000 in profits. If you are looking to cash in big early on this MLB season, you are going to want to invest in a premium package from one of top experts. https://www.sportscapping.com/chase-diamond.html

Mikey Sports

Looking to get in on the baseball action, but aren't looking for a ton of action early on, Mikey Sports is the perfect expert for you to follow. Going all the way back to the start of the 2009 season, Mikey has released just 225 plays, which comes out to about 25 plays/year before May. He's made the most of these selections, going 137-88 (61%), and has profited nearly $33,000 during this stretch. https://www.sportscapping.com/mikey-sports.html

Matt Fargo

Those of you that bet baseball know that a strong winning percentage doesn't always lead to profits because of all the money line plays. In fact, you can hit well under 50% if you play primarily dogs and still bring home a lot of money. That's the exact recipe for success that Matt Fargo uses to attack the early MLB lines. Matt is just 105-116 (47.5%) on his MLB picks before May going back to 2013, but has netted over $32,000 with these plays. If you are someone who likes value with underdogs, I suggest signing up with Fargo for the early MLB season. https://www.sportscapping.com/matt-fargo.html