We have a lot of handicappers who sell picks on our site. Sometimes it can be tough to filter through everyone and make a decision on who has the best chance to make you money.

I'm an action junky, so I like to follow a few handicappers in each sport. Below I'm going to give you my top advice on who to follow in each sport.

I break each sport up into specific time periods. Some handicappers prepare for the beginning of the season better than others and kill it out of the gate. Others need to see the teams perform before they get enough information on who to back.

Other handicappers, well they specialize in types of bets. Some may be good at everything, others are better at totals than point spreads or vice versa.

Consider this page your cheat sheet to higher profits this year.

*Unless noted I recommend flat betting each handicapper's picks. Essentially all of my data ignores unit values. We do track top play v. non top play and I'll mention to only follow top plays if the data suggests it hits at a higher rate.

*Page Updated 09/03/2018. Records and new recommendations for changing time periods will be updated regularly.


We are down to the final month of the MLB regular-season. With so much anticipation for the start of football, a lot of people stop betting on baseball, but there is still money to be made on the diamond. Here's a look at our top 3 experts to follow on the bases in September. 

Follow: Sept. 1st - Aug. 30th

Dave Price 

There are few better at consistently bringing home profits on the bases in the final month of the baseball season. Dave Price is a ridiculous 137-79 (63%) on all MLB plays in September going way back to 2009. This amazing run has helped his $1,000 players net oner $41,000. No surprise as Dave is one of our top all-time earners on the bases. If you plan on betting baseball this time of year, do yourself a favor and get signed up for a premium subscription. https://www.sportscapping.com/dave-price.html

Timothy Black

Timothy Black has 5 Top 10 finishes in the MLB at SportsCapping. He's another guy that has owned the books last in the season and if you like action, he's definitely someone you need to get signed up with. Black is 237-176 (58%) on the bases in September since 2012. In this 5-year run, Black has profited his $1,000 players almost $55,000! Find out what premium subscriptions Black has available before it's too late. https://www.sportscapping.com/timothy-black.html

R&R Totals

If you are someone who doesn't like all the variation with the money lines, I strongly suggest betting the MLB totals. Few are better at nailing the over/under than R&R Totals, especially this time of year. R&R Totals have hit 57% (145-108) of their MLB total plays during this time of year dating back 2009 and have profited their long-term clients $30,000 during this stretch. Do your self a favor and get signed up today! https://www.sportscapping.com/r-r-totals.html


We are quickly approaching the start of the 2018 NFL season and now is a great time to sign-up for a season package from one of our top experts. The first preseason game will be played on Aug. 2nd and Week 1 will start on Thursday, Sept. 6th. There's nothing better than getting off to a strong start. Below you will find our top three recommend NFL handicappers to follow in the first month of the season. 

Follow: Sept. 6th - Sept. 30th

Ross Benjamin

If there's been one guy to follow in the first few weeks of the regular-season, it's Ross Benjamin. The guy has gone a ridiculous 90-40 (69%) on all NFL picks that he's released before the start of October. This run goes all the way back to 2010 and those that got in at the beginning have profited over $45,000 on these 130 picks. You can grab Benjamin's 2018 NFL season pass for $600 today or wait and grab a 1 month pass for $399 when September rolls around. https://www.sportscapping.com/ross-benjamin.html

Sean Higgs

No was better than on the pro gridiron in 2017 than Sean Higgs, who finished up as our No. 1 NFL handicapper. Higgs went 96-72 (57%) on the season, which helped his long-term clients profit more than $20,000. A hot start definitely helped Higgs finish on top and based on his history there's a good chance he starts out strong again in 2018. Higgs has gone 65-37 (64%) in the NFL in the month of September dating back to 2014. Get signed up for a long-term package from Higgs and get ready to enjoy some big profits. https://www.sportscapping.com/sean-higgs.html

Info Plays

Info Plays was the runner-up to Higgs in the NFL for the 2018 season in terms of total profit, but had the best win percentage of any handicapper with a minimum of at least 70 picks. Info Plays finished at 46-26, which is a 64% win rate. Profiting early in the NFL has been no problem for this handicapper. Going back to 2010, Info Plays is 114-83 (58%) on all NFL picks in the month of September. You can get the entire NFL season from Info Plays today for the low price of $399.95. https://www.sportscapping.com/info-plays.html


We are less than 1 month away from the start of the 2018 college football season. First action is on Saturday, Aug. 25th, though Week 1 really doesn't get going until Thursday, Aug. 30th. There's no better time to exploit the books than the first few weeks of the season. I've listed 3 of our top handicappers to follow for NCAAF in the first 2 months of the season (Aug-Sept). 

Follow: Aug. 25th - Sept. 30th

Jack Jones

There's not really a bad time to follow Jack Jones when it comes to his college football picks. Jack finished as the No. 9 ranked NCAAF capper in 2017. Giving him 4 Top 10 finishes in the last 6 years. Jack is No. 2 all-time in long-term profits, as he's netted almost $70,000 goin back to 2012. He's been cashing winning tickets early for even longer than that. Jack is 236-186 (56%) on all his college football picks in the months of August and September. You can get his 2018 NCAAF season pass right now for just $599.95. https://www.sportscapping.com/jack-jones.html

Alex Smart

Here's another expert on the college gridiron that's worth getting to know. Alex Smart was the No. 4 ranked NCAAF capper in earnings for 2017 and also ranked in the Top 10 (No. 6) in 2016. Alex is No. 5 all-time in long-term profits, having secured more than $54K for his clients going back to 2014. Alex knows how to get the season started right. He's 147-113 (57%) over his last 260 NCAAF picks in the first two months of the season. Get signed up for a long-term subscription today. https://www.sportscapping.com/alex-smart.html

Will Rogers

Will Rogers might not have all the accolades of the two previously mentioned experts, but he's been as good as they come at exploiting the books in college football during the months of August and September. Rogers is 61-34 (64%) in the first two months of the season over the last 3 years.  https://www.sportscapping.com/will-rogers.html