We have a lot of handicappers who sell picks on our site. Sometimes it can be tough to filter through everyone and make a decision on who has the best chance to make you money.

I'm an action junky, so I like to follow a few handicappers in each sport. Below I'm going to give you my top advice on who to follow in each sport.

I break each sport up into specific time periods. Some handicappers prepare for the beginning of the season better than others and kill it out of the gate. Others need to see the teams perform before they get enough information on who to back.

Other handicappers, well they specialize in types of bets. Some may be good at everything, others are better at totals than point spreads or vice versa.

Consider this page your cheat sheet to higher profits this year.

*Unless noted I recommend flat betting each handicapper's picks. Essentially all of my data ignores unit values. We do track top play v. non top play and I'll mention to only follow top plays if the data suggests it hits at a higher rate.

*Page Updated 11/06/2018. Records and new recommendations for changing time periods will be updated regularly.


It's crazy how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for Week 1 and now we are headed into Week 10 of the regular-season. Here's a look at the best handicappers to follow this time of year. 

Follow: Oct. 1st - Dec. 31st 

Jeff Alexander

There's no one hotter in the NFL on the site than Jeff Alexander, who is currently our No. 1 Ranked NFL Handicapper. Jeff already has one NFL Handicapping title on his resume and is a 3x Top 5 NFL capper. He's off to an incredible start in 2018. Jeff is 62-27 (70%) to start the new season and 96-44 (69%) over his last 140 NFL releases. There's simply not a bad time to follow this guy on the pro gridiron. Get signed up today and watch your bankroll grow! https://www.sportscapping.com/jeff-alexander.html

Scott Rickenbach

Here's another guy that consistently shows to have an edge over the books in the NFL. Scott Rickenbach is one of the top all-time earners in pro football, as he's delivered more than $73,000 in profits going back to 2012. A big chunk of those profits have come after the first month of the season. Richenbach is 294-212 (58%) on all NFL picks from Oct. 1st to Dec. 31st dating back to 2012, which has brought home over $62K for his investors. Find out what premium packages Rickenbach has to offer and start winning more of your bets. https://www.sportscapping.com/scott-rickenbach.html

Johnny Banks

Johnny Banks has also made a name for himself with his ability to cash in winning tickets in the NFL once October rolls around. Banks is 181-139 (57%) over his last 320 picks this time of year. Hard to see him not continuing that trend this year, as Banks heads into November as the the No. 3 NFL Handicapper for 2018. I do want to point out that Banks is a high-volume player, so anyone who loves action is going to want to get signed up now. https://www.sportscapping.com/johnny-banks.html


It's hard to believe that we are headed down the stretch run of the 2018 college football season. Early on it's all about learning teams and taking advantage of bad lines in a bunch of non-conference games. This time of year it's about reading into the lines and figuring out how teams matchup and who is motivated to play and who isn't. 

Follow: Oct. 1st - Nov. 30th

Jack Jones

There's not really a bad time to follow Jack Jones when it comes to his college football picks. Jack finished as the No. 9 ranked NCAAF capper in 2017. Giving him 4 Top 10 finishes in the last 6 years. Jack is No. 1 all-time in long-term profits, as he's netted over $80,000 goin back to 2012. He's lived up to the hype so far in 2018, as he's currently the No. 12 CFB capper as we head into November. That's a good sign for what's to come, as Jack is brought home roughly $40,000 in profit in the second half of the college football regular-season. You won't be disappointed when you sign up for a short or long-term package with this NCAAF expert. https://www.sportscapping.com/jack-jones.html

Jeff Allen

Here's a guy that has owned the books in the months of October and November on the college gridiron. Jeff Allen is 225-160 (58%) on all his CFB releases during this stretch of the season going back to 2011. This amazing run has brought home more than $50,000 in profits for his investors. Find out what premium packages Allen has available and start bring home more profit. https://www.sportscapping.com/jeff-allen.html

Rob Vinciletti

Rob Vinciletti has cashed in 58% (237-172) on his college football picks during this critical point of the season going back to 2013. It shouldn't come as a bid surprise, as Vinciletti has 5 Top 10 finishes in Football (NFL & CFB combined) since 2009. He's also currently the #1 ranked NCAAF handicapper for 2018.. If you are struggling to pick winners on your own, I encourage you to give Vinciletti a shot. https://www.sportscapping.com/rob-vinciletti.html


The 2018 NHL regular-season is in full force. For those of you who are itching to bet hockey, here's a look at the top 3 guys to follow on the ice over the first two months of the season. 

Follow: Oct. 1st - Nov. 30th

Sean Higgs

Sean Higgs has proven time and time again that he knows how to get off to a strong start in the NHL. Going all the way back to 2013 campaign, Higgs and his clients are up over $38,000 on the ice in the months of October and November. No surprise that these impressive starts to the season have led to some great finishes. Higgs has finished in the Top 10 of the NHL final handicapping standings in 3 of the last 4 years. As we move into November, he's the #6 ranked hockey expert for the 2018-19 campaign. If you are going to bet hockey, I recommend getting signed up with this expert today. https://www.sportscapping.com/sean-higgs.html

Ben Burns

Similar story with Ben Burns and his early season success, expect he's been profiting over the first two months of the NHL season even longer (2009). Burns heads into the start of the 2018 campaign having gone 358-329 (61%) on all his hockey plays in October and November. He was the #1 ranked NHL capper for the 2013-14 season and finished #2 overall in the NHL for the 2015-16 season. Get signed up for a premium package while you still have a chance. https://www.sportscapping.com/ben-burns.html

Art Aronson

Art Aronson is another guy that has a history of consistently beating the books in the NHL this time of year. Aronson is 213-151 (59%) on all his NHL picks over the first two months of the season dating back to 2013. Aronson finished as the #6 NHL capper last season and the year before that was the #3 NHL expert on the site. I fully expect another Top 10 finish for the 2018-19 campaign. Get signed up today. https://www.sportscapping.com/art-aronson.html


It seems like it wasn't all that long ago the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, but that's old news. The 2018-19 NBA regular-season is almost a month in and we got a long way to go. Here's a quick look at the top 3 experts to follow on the pro hardwood early on in the season. 

Follow: Oct. 16th- Dec. 14th

Chip Chirimbes

It's not as easy as people think to handicap the NBA early on in the season, but Chip Chirimbes definitely has it figured out. Since the start of the 2010 campaign, Chirimbes has gone 344-253 (58%) on all his NBA releases to start out a new season. This amazing run has his $1,000 players up over $71,000. If you are going to betting pro basketball right out of the gate, I strongly suggest getting signed up with Chip. https://www.sportscapping.com/chip-chirimbes.html

Jack Jones

Much like there's not a bad time to follow Jack Jones on the college gridiron, this is a guy that has absolutely owned the books in the NBA from start to finish. Jack is the No. 1 Ranked NBA Capper All-Time behind a massive 1,519-1,296 NBA Run long-term that has seen his $1,000/game players cash in $127,000! He is a 4-Time Top 10 NBA Capper (#1 2012-13, #3 2017-18, #9 2008-09, #10 2015-16). Get a season pass before it's too late. https://www.sportscapping.com/jack-jones.html

Jeff Alexander

Jeff Alexander is another expert on the pro hardwood that has shown the ability to time after time beat the books for some big time profits. Jeff is right behind Jack as the No. 2 Ranked NBA Capper All-Time and has finished ranked inside the Top 10 of the NBA standings 6 different times. He too is another guy that you can trust all season long on the pro hardwood and given how well he's picking in 2018, this could mean a monster year in the NBA for one of most well-rounded experts. Check out Jeff's long-term plans and get ready to build up your bankroll this NBA season. https://www.sportscapping.com/jeff-alexander.html


College Basketball is back in action! It makes for a really exciting time of year, as we got the NFL and NCAAF both going strong, as well as the NBA and NHL. For those of you who don't have time to handicap all the teams in college basketball, but want to profit on the action, here's 3 guys you can trust out of the gates. 

Follow: Nov. 6th- Dec. 31st

Brandon Lee

When it comes to cashing in winning tickets on the college hardwood early, Brandon Lee has proven to be one of the best. Lee heads into the 2018-19 NCAAB season having gone 104-52 (67%) on all college basketball picks released from the start of the season until the last day of December. No surprise, he's a 2x Top 10 NCAAB Capper. Lee is also currently the No. 2 ranked NFL capper, so this is the perfect time to get signed up for a long-term package. https://www.sportscapping.com/brandon-lee.html

Doc's Sports 

Here's another guy that knows how to exploit the books right from the start. Going all the way back to 2008, Doc's Sports and his clients have gone 341-251 (58%) on all CBB plays leading up to the new year. This incredible run has provided more than $70,000 in profits. There's no better time than right now to get signed up for a premium subscription. https://www.sportscapping.com/doc-s-sports.html

Teddy Davis 

This guy really doesn't need much of an introduction. Teddy Davis is the #1 ranked NCAAB handicapper on the site and it's not even close. The even more impressive thing is how much he's profited in such a short period of time. Going back to the 2015-16 season, Teddy has gone 474-346 (58%) on all his CBB plays, which has netted over $100K! Shouldn't come as a surprise that he's pretty good to follow out of the gate. Davis is 111-73 (60%) on all NCAAB picks in the first two months of the season since 2015. Get a season pass from this expert and watch your bankroll grow. https://www.sportscapping.com/teddy-davis.html