We have a lot of handicappers who sell picks on our site. Sometimes it can be tough to filter through everyone and make a decision on who has the best chance to make you money.

I'm an action junky, so I like to follow a few handicappers in each sport. Below I'm going to give you my top advice on who to follow in each sport.

I break each sport up into specific time periods. Some handicappers prepare for the beginning of the season better than others and kill it out of the gate. Others need to see the team's perform before they get enough information on who to back.

Other handicappers, well they specialize in types of bets. Some may be good at everything, others are better at totals than point spreads or vice versa.

Consider this page your cheat sheet to higher profits this year.

*Unless noted I recommend flat betting each handicapper's picks. Essentially all of my data ignores unit values. We do track top play v. non top play and I'll mention to only follow top plays if the data suggests it hits at a higher rate.

*Page Updated 05/02/2017. Records and new recommendations for changing time periods will be updated regularly.


The 2017 NBA Playoffs are in full force. First round action is in the books. It's not to late to make some serious cash in the postseason. Here's a look at three of the top pro basketball handicappers come playoff time.

Follow: Start of Playoffs - NBA Finals

Jeff Alexander

Jeff Alexander is the #1 Ranked NBA Handicapper Long-Term on the site. Dating back to 2008, he's profited his $1,000 players over $127,000 on the pro hardwood. During this amazing stretch, Jeff has recorded six Top 10 finishes (currently Top 15 for 2016-17). There's really not a bad time to follow Alexander in the NBA, but he's been on top of his game in the postseason. Jeff is 329-242 (58%) dating back to 2009 in the playoffs. Last year he went 55-31 (64%), netting $21,950! If you are serious about building your bankroll in the playoffs, get a long-term subscription from the best NBA capper today.  https://www.sportscapping.com/jeff-alexander.html

Steve Merril

Steve Merril is another strong NBA expert. He ranks No. 4 all-time in long-term earnings, netting his $1,000 players over $88,000 since 2009. Merril has earned four Top 10 finishes and is another guy you can trust to cash in winning tickets come the postseason. Steve is 243-180 (57%) over his last 423 NBA playoff selections. Find a premium package that works for you and start collecting from the books. https://www.sportscapping.com/steve-merril.html

Mr. East

Here's another NBA expert that you need to get to know. Mr. East ranks in the Top 10 in long-term earnings in the NBA at just over $86,000 in profit since 2008. Playoffs are definitely a specialty of one of top system players. Mr. East has gone 237-180 (57%) on all NBA postseason plays dating back to 2009. He was on top of his game in 2016, going 38-23 (62%)! Get a premium package before it's too late! https://www.sportscapping.com/mr-east.html


It's hard to believe but we are already a full month into the 2017 regular season. Here's a look at 3 of our top MLB experts who have excelled once they have had a chance to see every team play.

Follow: May 1st -August 31st


GamePlan is the No. 1 ranked MLB handicapper on the site all-time and it's not really close. GamePlan has profited his $1,000 baseball players over $117,000 since 2013. That's an average of close to $30,000 in profit each of the last 4 years. You simply can't be this good on the bases without cashing in big this time of year. GamePlan is 760-659 on all MLB picks from May 1st to the end of August since 2013. While that's only a 53.4% win rate, he's constantly cashing money line underdogs and is up $96,000 during this stretch. Get a baseball subscription with a proven expert today. https://www.sportscapping.com/gameplan.html

Rob Vinciletti

Rob Vinciletti is ranked in the Top 10 all-time when it comes to long-term profits on the diamond. He's definitely someone you want to get signed up with if you are serious about profiting this summer on the bases. Once Vinciletti has had time to study the teams, he's absolutely owned the books. He's got his $1,000 players up over $100,000 with his MLB premium picks this time of year going all the way back to 2010. Do yourself a favor. Get a long-term subscription and watch your bankroll grow. https://www.sportscapping.com/rob-vinciletti.html

Bobby Conn

Bobby Conn is the No. 5 ranked MLB handicapper all-time on the SportsCapping network. Those fortunate enough to have followed him have profited over some serious cash the last 5 years. Conn has netted over $92,000 in profit for his clients from the beginning of May to the end of August on his baseball premium selections. I see no reason why 2017 will be any different. Don't miss out on a chance to build your bankroll with one of our top MLB experts. https://www.sportscapping.com/bobby-conn.html


It's playoff time on the ice as well. Here's a look at the top 3 recommend cappers to follow during the NHL postseason.

Follow: Start Playoffs - Stanley Cup Finals

Johnny Banks

Johnny Banks has his $1,000 hockey players up over $68,000 going all the way back to 2009 and is the No. 1 ranked NHL capper during this amazing run. A good portion of that profit has come in the playoffs. Banks is 268-214 (56%) on all NHL money line postseason plays since 2012 and has profiting $35,000 during this stretch I highly recommend Banks to anyone who likes a lot of action in the NHL, as he's got a big card on the ice just about every day. Find out what premium packages he's offering by heading over to his capper page. https://www.sportscapping.com/johnny-banks.html

Ben Burns

Ben Burns is the No. 2 rated NHL handicapper long-term, as he's gone 874-568 (61%) on his hockey premium picks dating back to 2012. This amazing stretch on the ice has his $1,000 players up over $55,000! That's a good sign, because we are into the part of the season where he's made a killing over the years. Ben is 198-123 (62%) on all NHL picks this time of the year! Get a long-term package from our most respect NHL expert today. https://www.sportscapping.com/ben-burns.html

Doc's Sports

Here's another solid expert on the ice that can help your build your bankroll in the playoffs. Doc's Sports ranks in the Top 15 long-term in the NHL, but he's included here for what he's been able to do in the playoffs. Dating back to 2012, Doc's Sports has gone 150-109 (58%) on all hockey plays once April hits. This amazing run has netted his big players nearly $30,000 in profit. Don't make the mistake of letting another profitable postseason pass you by. https://www.sportscapping.com/doc-s-sports.html