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Baseball lines move up and down with some frequency because there is no traditional point spread.  Most commonly MLB bets are made on the money line, or simply picking the team you think will win the game outright and either paying more for a favorite or getting a larger payout on an underdog.  The point spread in baseball (called the "run line") is the same for every game, with the favorite being listed at -1.5 and the underdog being listed at +1.5, however, the juice or vig (e.g. -134) is adjusted since the actual point spread is not.  Books do this because baseball games are typically low-scoring affairs and using a traditional point spread really isn't practical. 

The odds listed above are from the most trusted online sportsbooks in the industry.  You can use our odds to compare lines at each book in order to determine the best place to wager.  It might not seem that important to shop around for better odds, however, over the course of a season (or several seasons) you'd be amazed at how much money you can make/save just by getting slightly better odds on baseball games.

MLB Odds Legend

# (Rotation Number)

Rotation numbers are unique numbers assigned to each team to make it easier for bettors to identify which team they are betting on at the sportsbook betting window.  You will find rotation numbers at physical sportsbooks like the ones at the casinos in Las Vegas.  Online books also use them as well, but you won't need to know them if you are placing your bet online.


Game start time.  All listed times are Eastern.


This is the opening line for the game taken from the first sportsbook to release it.  This allows you to see how public betting and other oddsmaker adjustments have changed the line since it was released.


Live score for that game (when available).

Betting Percentage

This column shows the percentage of total bets placed on a side, money line or total.  This number only shows us the percentage of the total number of bets, no the percentage of money that has been wagered on each side.

SC Odds

The SC Odds are calculated by simply averaging the odds from the lines available.  This should give you a pretty good estimate of the what the fair line would be on a given game.

Listed Pitchers

Exclusive to baseball, listed pitchers show the pitchers for each team that the odds are representing.  This means if there has been a late pitching change and the listed pitchers are not yet updated, then the odds you are seeing may not represent the pitching change.

Sportsbook Odds

Beneath each sportsbook logo you will see the current odds listed at that book.  If you click on the odds, you can see a list of when that book moved each line and at what time.

Odds Type Filter

Baseball lines are listed with money lines and totals by default as they are the most common types of baseball bets.  You can also view the run lines (spreads) or filter by any individual odds type using this drop-down menu.