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Welcome to our leaderboard page. This is where we rank the best sports handicappers for the current season.

For all sports we rank how each handicapper has done since January 1 of the current year. The profit numbers are determined using flat $100 bets for each pick.

You can click on any handicapper's name to go to his profile page. That page will have the list of picks available. You can also save with long-term subscriptions or see long term trends on how he has done.

Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L Avg. Odds
Sc ScoreThe statistical reliability that a handicapper’s results are better than random chance. Read more about SC Score..
1 Jeff Alexander $2,749 16.0% 60.5% 95-62 -109 22.28
2 Matt Fargo $2,439 20.9% 63.1% 65-38 -109 25.31
3 Info Plays $1,883 14.1% 59.7% 71-48 -110 12.81
4 Dave Price $1,580 28.6% 68.1% 32-15 -108 25.58
5 Ricky Tran $1,501 22.0% 64.9% 37-20 -112 17.18
6 Mark Wilson $1,185 8.7% 55.2% 64-52 -106 3.22
7 R&R Totals $1,013 18.6% 62.0% 31-19 -109 9.89
8 Ryan Worden $920 6.5% 55.4% 72-58 -109 2.73
9 Ray Monohan $916 13.3% 59.0% 36-25 -109 5.82
10 ASA $867 16.1% 60.4% 29-19 -108 7.03
11 Brody Vaughn $864 9.0% 56.8% 50-38 -106 5.09
12 Brandon Lee $806 7.0% 55.8% 58-46 -109 2.74
13 Marc David $778 7.9% 54.4% 49-41 -102 2.81
14 Pro Computer Gambler $740 37.3% 72.2% 13-5 -110 15.09
15 John Martin $740 5.8% 55.2% 64-52 -108 2.46
16 Matt Josephs $733 32.9% 70.0% 14-6 -112 12.44
17 John Ryan $729 10.5% 56.5% 35-27 -106 3.11
18 Timothy Black $685 7.7% 56.2% 45-35 -109 2.70
19 Scott Rickenbach $511 4.9% 53.9% 49-42 -106 1.04
20 Hunter Price $482 3.3% 52.0% 66-61 -103 0.38

Our leaderboard page allows you to easily see which handicappers have profited the most for the current calendar year and is reset at the beginning of each new year. 

Handicappers are ranked by total profit won, but you can also sort by best ROI, win percentage, wins, averages odds and SC score. 

As you can see we have a number of experts who are crushing the books this season across the board, but there's plenty of more profits to come. 

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Help Researching Our Experts

The handicappers listed on this page are experts who have proven the ability to consistently beat the books this season. 

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Additional Handicapping Tools to Maximize Profits

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