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Sal Michaels

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Sal Michaels's Premium Picks Streaks & Trends

Sport W-L Profit Win Pct Since Archive
All Sports 330-257 $3,666 56% 2017-09-12 View Picks
MLB 53-26 $2,496 67% 2017-09-12 View Picks
NCAA-B 88-63 $1,826 58% 2017-11-20 View Picks
NHL 96-64 $1,720 60% 2017-04-30 View Picks
Basketball 110-84 $1,711 57% 2017-11-17 View Picks
Football 39-23 $1,313 63% 2017-11-18 View Picks
NFL 23-11 $1,071 68% 2017-11-19 View Picks
NCAA-F 40-32 $369 56% 2017-11-25 View Picks
Top NBA 5-2 $282 71% 2017-04-28 View Picks

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List of accomplishments

Year Accomplishment Record Win % Profit
2016 -2017 Ranked #9 in NHL 57-37 60.6% $828

Service Sal Michaels's Bio & About Section

Sal Michaels is a professional handicapper who is looking to continue his winning ways while selling his wares on this network.  Sports have always had an impact on his life from a very young age, playing baseball and basketball for town and school teams, to handicapping football games for family members. As a sports handicapper with a lot of experience since a very young age but still new to the sports handicapping business, Sal will put forth every drop of effort needed to continue to win and become successful in making his mark in the sports betting business. There is no game that he will dismiss without looking it over and there is no game that he will play without being fully confident in it. Sal uses different techniques of statistical analysis for each sport handicapped along with situational handicapping and systems/formulas that have been backtracked for over a decade and researched along with a mathematician. His philosophy on sports betting is that it is all about quality, not quantity. It is about having a smart and sharp eye for handicapping games and having a strong bankroll philosophy that will be most profitable. Sal understands that this is like a long-term investment and it should be treated that way. If you are looking a handicapper that is all about winning throughout the present and the future with long-term profits, then Sal Michaels is your go-to guy.