If you want to make sure that you receive your purchased picks via email or our free pick newsletter subscription (same steps but use “admin@sportscapping.com” instead of “steve@sportscapping.com”) then you will have to add us to your address book. We have tried to cover every email provider, but if yours is not shown then simply contact us and we will do our best to make sure you are set up correctly.

* Click Mail Options
* Choose Address Book in the drop-down
* Choose Add at the bottom of the Address Book pop-up
* Insert “www.sportscapping.com” in the First Name field
* Insert “steve@sportscapping.com” in the Other E-mail field
* Choose Primary E-mail
* Click Save


* Click on the Contacts tab
* Choose New
* Insert “www.sportscapping.com” in the Quickname
* Insert “steve@sportscapping.com” in Other field under Online Addresses
* Click Save


* Click on the Addresses tab
* Choose Add a New Contact
* Insert “www.sportscapping.com” in the Name field
* Insert “steve@sportscapping.com” in the Email field
* Click Save

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express

* Some versions of Outlook include a “junk e-mail” option. If your version of Outlook includes this feature, make sure steve@sportscapping.com is identified as NOT being a source of junk e-mail.
* Some versions of Outlook allow e-mail from addresses included in your Contacts list. Add steve@sportscapping.com to your Contacts list by opening the email and in the “From” field, right-click the name of sender and click “Add to Contacts”, then click “Save and Close.”
* Sometimes Outlook users install a third party add-on, such as Qurb or Spam Assassin, to reduce junk mail. If you’ve installed a program such as this, see the section below.
* See the Outlook Help for details.


Add steve@sportscapping.com to your allowed sender list.


Open an email you’ve received from us. Click “More Options” in the email header. Click “Add Sender to Contact List.”


* Log into your email account
* Open your Address Book
* Add www.sportscapping.com to your “Contact List” or “Safe List” by inserting the following email address: steve@sportscapping.com
* Save the new entry

Or, if you find an www.sportscapping.com email in your Spam/Junk/Bulk email Folder:

* Go to your Spam/Junk/Bulk email Folder in your email software.
* Select any email from www.sportscapping.com
* Press the “Not Spam” button.

To make sure you can receive e-mail from us , just add the following e-mails to your e-mail address book, “allowed sender” list or “whitelist”.

* steve@sportscapping.com - to receive account information and receipts after a purchase
* admin@sportscapping.com - to receive our free pick newsletter and special promotions.

* Send a blank e-mail to one of these addresses . This often adds the address to your “white list.”
* Open the “white list” and add the email address.