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September 29, 2023

John Ryan

WNBA TWO 8-Unit Bets for the Price of ONE!

Do yourself a favor and get on board Ryan’s WNBA DUO of 8-UNIT Best Bets scheduled for Friday playoff action for the price of one paying just $25.00 knowing it is also fully guaranteed to go 2-0 ATS.

He won both best on the Tuesday card and has earned his clients a highly profitable 38-21 64.4% ATS this season. Both best bets are loaded with highly profitable analytics and betting systems you will enjoy quite a bit.

WNBA TWO 8-Unit Bets for the Price of ONE!
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Price: $25.00

*Includes 2 WNBA Spreads

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R&R Totals

R&R Totals TOP WNBA Over-Under Friday *161-119 Run*!

**#18 ranked WNBA handicapper on this site!**

**#2 ranked WNBA in 2020-21**
**#2 ranked WNBA in 2021-22**
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**#10 ranked WNBA in 2019-20**
**#2 ranked Overall in 2015**
**#8 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#9 ranked Overall in 2008**

R&R Totals has a TOP WNBA Over-Under for Friday! Now an impressive 161-119 (58%) over his last 285 WNBA picks! Join us and make money like the $1,000 per game clients who are up $30,320 since August 10, 2019!

Remember, our plays come GUARANTEED TO WIN!

R&R Totals TOP WNBA Over-Under Friday *161-119 Run*!
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Price: $29.00

*Includes 1 WNBA Total

Game starts in 1 Days

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