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Odds for NBA games can change quickly, but by using the comparative odds table above we hope you are still able to find the best line for your wager.  We've chosen to compare only the books we feel have an established history and that we recommend and hold accounts at ourselves.  By having accounts at multiple books you can actually add several wins per season in the NBA just by getting that extra half or full point.  It might seem arbitrary, that is, until you miss out on a win or a push you could have gotten simply by having another list of odds to chose from.

NBA Odds Legend

# (Rotation Number)

This is a number assigned to each team by a sportsbook in order to simplify the betting process.  These are used primarily in your Las Vegas sportsbooks where there might be some confusion communicating with the teller.  Online books still use rotation numbers, mostly for phone wagering, but most who wager online don't have much use for them.


Listed starting time for each game (all times are Eastern).


Opening odds for each game as listed by the first sportsbook to post a line.  We list this to give you an idea of how a line has moved since it was first released.


When a game is in progress the current score will be listed here.

Betting Percentage

The betting percentage shows the percent of the public on each side of a side, money line or total.  The numbers provided represent the percentage of the total number of bets, not the percentage of money wagered.

SC Odds

These numbers represent the fair line for each game based on the average of the odds provided.

Average Power Ranking

Point spread for the home team based on an aggregate of several major power ranking sites.  You can see the full list of sites used to create this ranking here.

Sportsbook Odds

Odds from each book are listed under their logo.  Clicking on the odds for any game will give you a list of all of the recorded line moves for that game from that sportsbook.

Odds Type Filter

This drop-down allows you to filter by different bet types like money lines and totals and other combinations.  By default we list point spreads and totals for the NBA since those are the most popular wager types.

Game Segment Filter

In addition to odds for the full game, many books offer odds on each half of the game, as well as each quarter.  These can be viewed by using this filter when they are made available.