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Below you can view all of our college football picks from the top handicappers in the industry.  Just click on the name of each handicapper to check out their individual pages.  These pages display all of their premium package options, past results, achievements and long term subscriptions.

Keep in mind that the daily premium packages are guaranteed to show you a profit or the next day of college football is free! 

If you're looking for picks on a specific game for that day, then check out our betting odds page.  This page not only lists the updated odds on each game, it also lists the handicappers who have picks for that specific contest you're in search of.

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No premium NCAA-F picks are currently available. Please check back later or view all available free picks across every sport.

Our NCAA Football Picks Strategy

This site was built with sports bettors in mind.  We know everyone has a different style, and we feel very confident that you'll be able to find a handicapper that meets your needs.

Whether you are a selective bettor or you like a lot of action, you'll be able to find a consistent winner on the college gridiron here at Sports Capping.  For action junkies, you'll want to sign up on Saturday's as this is the day with the most college football games.  So you'll get more bang for your buck.

The packages you'll find on this page will help you beat the odds on upcoming games.  Some handicappers post their picks well in advance, while others wait until the day of the games.  So once you find a handicapper that has produced long-term profits, it's important you show some patience and wait for them to release their NCAA football plays.

In just a few quick steps, you'll be able to view their winners in your members area.  Not to mention, you'll also have them delivered to your email inbox as soon as they are released so you'll be able to get in on the best available lines.

The smart move to save the most money would be to sign up for a long term subscription.  Just click on the handicapper's name to see what college football premium pick options they have available.

How to Research Our College Football Handicappers

Investing in sports betting requires a big commitment from you.  You don't want to go in blindly, so we have provided some tools that will help you find the handicapper that best fits your needs this college football season.

The key is to find a handicapper who has produced the most profits on the college gridiron over time.  Some handicappers can get on lucky hot streaks, but the ones you should trust the most are the ones who have delivered year in and year out.

Check out our long-term handicapping trends for college football.  This is where you should start your research.  We have put together a list of who to follow in college football with an emphasis on long-term results and consistency as well.

But if you are more interested in who is doing the best over the current season, then our college football leaderboard page provides you the wins, losses and profit numbers for this season.

Want a sample of the kind of work you can expect to receive from each handicapper? Take a look at our NCAA football free picks page.  While these picks are not as highly rated as the premium plays, they are a great tool to see the analysis from each handicapper to get an inside look at why they believe their selected team will cover the spread.

How to Make Your Own College Football Picks

We understand that you want to try and win on your own first.  We are mainly here to help if you cannot win on your own.

To help you beat the college football odds, we have provided some tools that you can use.  Check out our teaser sheets.  We believe you will find all of these pages useful in your handicapping research.

The goal at Sports Capping is to help you win more money on the NCAA gridiron.  We're confident in our ability to deliver for you.  Please feel free to shoot us an email with any questions or concerns you may have at [email protected]