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College basketball lines are probably the most volatile out of the major American sports.  There are so many teams and so many factors at play that oddsmakers struggle to keep up with changing markets, particularly games featuring little-known teams.  Using the table above you can compare the current odds at the top online sportsbooks.  Our hope is that this can be a useful tool for you to check the odds and see if you can find any advantages.  With the frequency that NCAA basketball lines move, you can bet there will be plenty of opportunities to jump on soft odds before they are updated everywhere.

NCAA Basketball Odds Legend

# (Rotation Number)

Every day each team is assigned a unique number called a rotation number.  These are most commonly used at brick-and-mortar casinos in order to make it easier for wagers to be made without the attendant having to search through a long list of teams and match ups.  While they aren't as useful in an online setting, there may be times where you want or need to know a team's rotation number.


All times are in Eastern Time.


When the odds are first released we capture them and list them as the Opener so you can compare them to the odds listed now.


Current or final score for that game.

Betting Percentage

Percentage of wagers on each side, total, or money line.  This number represents the percentage of the total wagers taken on the game, not the percentage of the total amount wagered.

SC Odds

The average of the current odds from all of the sportsbooks listed.

Average Power Ranking

This number represents the estimated point spread for the home team based on the average power rankings from several major providers.  See our complete list of college basketball power rankings if you are interested in which sites we get our numbers from.

Sportsbook Odds

Underneath the logo for each book you will find that book's current odds for every team.  Click on any of the odds to see the line history from that book for that particular game.

Odds Type Filter

Our NCAA basketball odds are listed with the point spread and total by default.  By changing the odds type with the drop-down provided you can view money lines as well, or configure them any way you see fit.

Game Segment Filter

Full game odds are obviously the most common and most popular, but when we have odds available for halves or even quarters you can toggle them by selecting the game segment from this list.