The WNBA features odds that see a lot more movement than most professional sports.  Since there are not as many bettors that follow the WNBA, oddsmakers have to be agile and move lines frequently in order to try to balance the action.  This is where you can find a great advantage by comparing the odds at the sportsbooks we've listed above.  Many times you are going to get odds that are a full or half point different at one book, meaning you could add a few wins or pushes to your overall total for the year.

WNBA Odds Legend

# (Rotation Number)

A rotation number is simply a unique number assigned to each team each day.  The idea comes from actual physical sportsbooks to make it easier to find and place wagers.  While not as applicable online, most online books still provide them.


Game start times listed in Eastern Time.


The opening line is the first set of odds released for that particular game.  You can compare this line to the current one to see how much the odds have changed and in which direction they have moved.


If a game is in progress or completed, you can view the score here.

Betting Percentage

Percentage of bets taken on each side or total of the game.

SC Odds

An average of the listed odds.

Sportsbook Odds

Under each logo are the most recent odds provided by that sportsbook.  Click on any of the odds to see a detailed history of line movements at that book.

Odds Type Filter

By default we list WNBA odds with the point spread and total, but you can filter by just one or the other or check on money lines if they are available.

Game Segment Filter

Full game odds are listed by default, however, if books provide odds for halves or quarters, you can view them using this drop-down list.