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February 07, 2016

Bill Biles

Game Details
Feb 07 '16, 6:30 PM in 10h
NFL | Panthers vs Broncos
Play on: UNDER 44.5 -110
Game Analysis

Broncos/Panthers under 44.5

This game will be a defensive battle throughout. Both teams have amazing defenses and it will be tough to score points in this one. Field position and ball security will be the main focus in this game. This will be a great superbowl to watch so enjoy the game.

Pick= Under 44.5

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Don Anthony

Game Details
Feb 07 '16, 6:30 PM in 10h
NFL | Panthers vs Broncos
Play on: Broncos +200 at BMaker
Game Analysis


Peyton Manning for Super Bowl 50 MVP.

This prop is basically a small bet on the Denver Broncos. Denver to win outright is currently +200. Taking Manning to win MVP is +400. We're basically getting double the payout and if Denver wins the Super Bowl, I believe the NFL will do whatever it can to give Manning the MVP trophy for his last rodeo because it seems almost certain he will retire, especially after his post-game talk with Bill Belichick, after the AFC Championship victory.

Also, another one of my favorite prop(s) is taking almost every Demaryius Thomas prop UNDER. So far I see his total yardage at 67.5 and his total receptions at 5.5. Love the total receptions under. I expect Norman to completely take him out of the game. Thomas is also prone to the dropped ball early on and Peyton and Demaryius do not seem to have solid chemistry right now. Expect Manning to look for Sanders way more often (hint, hint.)

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Ari Atari

Game Details
Feb 07 '16, 6:30 PM in 10h
NFL | Panthers vs Broncos
Play on: UNDER 45 -107
Game Analysis

We're looking at two very tough defensive teams allowing less than 20 a game all season. Denver allows 18.3 while Carolina comes in a 19.3. The Superbowl total is set at 45 and there is enough room for this one to be dominated by defense and stay under the total. I wouldn't recommend a play on the total for over 1 unit and I STRONGLY recommend you save your money for a better wager on the Superbowl. 

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Xander Locke

Game Details
Feb 07 '16, 6:30 PM in 10h
NFL | Panthers vs Broncos
Play on: UNDER 45 -107
Game Analysis


There are a number of reasons why this will be a low scoring game. First of all Carolina is overrated. Yes they're 15-1 in the regular season. Let's take a look at who they actually beat to get that "15-1 record". Nine of those wins came against seven teams that had losing records; Tennessee (3-10) once, Dallas (4-12) once, Jacksonville (5-11) once, Tampa Bay (6-10) twice, NY Giants (6-10) once, New Orleans (7-9) twice, and Philadelphia (7-9) once. Two of those wins came vs two teams that were at .500 for the season; Atlanta (8-8), and Indianapolis (8-8). Only four of those wins were against teams with a winning record; Houston (9-7) who was slightly better than MEDIOCRE, Washington (9-7) who was less than MEDIOCRE most of the year, Green Bay (10-6) who definitely was just not as good this year, and Seattle (10-6) the only "GOOD" team that Carolina beat in the regular season. Their only loss came against the MEDIOCRE Falcons. Arizona is the best team the Panthers have faced this year. And even though Carolina scored often vs the Cardinals, they were aided by Arizona's SEVEN turnovers.

Denver's defense will not allow the Panthers to score often. The Broncos are ranked 4th in the NFL in points allowed with 18.5 per game. And Peyton Manning definitely will not be careless with the football.

Carolina's defense also will not allow the Broncos to score often in this game. The Panthers defense is ranked 6th in the NFL in points allowed at 19.3 per game. Plus, Denver's offense has struggled to put up points, averaging just over 20 points in their last three games. Not to mention that Peyton Manning is known to choke in the postseason. The Broncos receivers have also had trouble catching the ball this postseason.

Both of these teams will be extremely focused, prepared and motivated defensively. No matter who wins this game, this total won't go over 43 points.



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Jamie Michaels

Game Details
Feb 07 '16, 6:30 PM in 10h
NFL | Panthers vs Broncos
Play on: OVER 44 -105
Game Analysis

1* Free Pick on Panthers v Broncos OVER 44

Well, Super Bowl 50 is finally upon us and in spite of the 2 high-profile QBs in this game, a LOT has been said about the elite defensive matchup, and rightly so. Both teams held their opponents to under 20 points per game. Both rank in the top 8 in 1st downs allowed. Both fall in the top 10 in sacks percentage. Both teams rank in the top 6 in total yards allowed. Denver ranks 1st in rushing yards allowed while the Panthers sit at #4. Denver is 3rd in passing yards allowed, while Carolina ranks 1st in takeaways. On paper, this game shouldn’t get above 40. BUT we do have 2 of the league’s most dynamic QBs in Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. Cam has done an incredible job this year of staying in the pocket and finding his open receivers. He has hit TE Greg Olson 89 times for 1294 yards while the Broncos’ Demarius Thomas has been targeted 192 times for 1356 yards ranking 5th overall with 111 receptions. I don’t know that we see a lot of Thomas in this game, but let’s not forget about TE Owen Daniels who has become a recent favorite target for Manning. Both QBs claim to be in great form physically and mentally and are emotional prepared for this game. But even should nerves get the better of either of these 2 at some point, these elite defensive units should be good for several takeaways and perhaps even a Manning interception (he had 17 on the year) for a pick-6, right in line with the Panthers 6 for the season. If both teams play a clean game, turnover-free game, we will see a score along the lines of 20-17, but I expect the D’s to step it up a notch for this game and at the very least get some better field position for their offense, particularly the Panthers offense who is an incredible 70% in red zone scoring percentage! And we can never rule out a sack/fumble/recovery/TD on Sunday either. This will be an exciting game to watch and I think we see the defensive efforts for both teams create more scoring opportunities for their respective offenses. Take OVER 44!

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