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Find out which of our NFL experts have been profiting the most this season by checking out our NFL leaderboard below. 

Results are only for the current season in process (preseason not included) and will reset at the start of each new season. 

Rankings are determined by total profit won, which is calculated using a flat $100 wager on each pick that is published. Records are updated daily

You can verify the records are 100% accurate with the picks that are made, by clicking on any of the handicappers name, as all of their plays from the previous day are listed on their individual capper page. You can also check out hot streak and achievements, as well as their premium and long-term subscriptions. 

Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L Avg. Odds
Sc ScoreThe statistical reliability that a handicapper’s results are better than random chance. Read more about SC Score..
1 Totals Guru $2,527 21.5% 63.8% 67-38 -110 28.17
2 ASA $2,408 20.9% 64.3% 63-35 -112 26.50
3 Dana Lane $2,353 14.5% 60.6% 86-56 -112 17.29
4 Jack Jones $1,892 12.3% 59.1% 81-56 -112 11.01
5 Dan Kaiser $1,647 11.4% 60.5% 72-47 -118 9.89
6 Ray Monohan $1,483 9.4% 57.7% 79-58 -111 7.08
7 Info Plays $1,366 12.8% 59.1% 55-38 -109 9.20
8 Mike Lundin $1,364 10.0% 57.9% 70-51 -111 6.73
9 Michael Alexander $1,141 6.9% 57.7% 79-58 -118 3.47
10 Cole Faxon $1,118 10.5% 57.9% 55-40 -109 6.33
11 Frank Sawyer $1,019 5.1% 55.2% 96-78 -111 2.30
12 Bobby Wing $989 8.4% 57.0% 57-43 -110 4.31
13 Brandon Lee $949 6.6% 56.1% 69-54 -111 3.02
14 Nick Parsons $928 8.0% 56.9% 58-44 -112 3.35
15 Hunter Price $916 7.9% 56.3% 58-45 -109 3.59
16 Mike Williams $909 8.5% 57.0% 53-40 -109 4.39
17 Kiev O'Neil $723 4.3% 55.2% 79-64 -114 1.12
18 Jim Feist $618 3.9% 54.8% 74-61 -112 1.07
19 Joseph D'Amico $565 6.5% 56.9% 41-31 -116 1.53
20 Matt Fargo $560 4.0% 54.8% 69-57 -111 1.18

Beating the books in the NFL is no easy task, but as you can see we have a number of experts on our site that our helping their clients cash winning tickets on the pro gridiron this season. 

While the leaderboard is set up to rank handicappers based on the total profit won, you can also change the rankings to be based on winning percentage, ROI, wins and SC Score. 

If you want to focus in on the experts that have been crushing the books of late, you can change the date range at the top of the leaderboard to show only the last 7, 30 or 60 days. 

You can also use the leaderboard to get a better understanding of the number of picks you can expect to receive each week with a premium subscription. 

Just add up the total number of games played and divide it by the number of weeks that have been played and that will get you a rough estimate of how many picks you can anticipate receiving.

Interested in knowing which handicappers are profiting in other sports? Just change the dropdown box at the top to a different sport and you will be taken to the leaderboard for just that sport. 

Tools For Researching Our NFL Experts

While you can't go wrong with any of the premium NFL picks from the experts listed on the leaderboard above, we have other tools on the site to help you pick the NFL handicapper that best meets your needs

Want to know which NFL handicappers have profited the most over multiple seasons? Our NFL long-term trends page lets you see which experts have consistently shown the ability to beat the books each year. 

If you are looking for a great handicapper to use to start the year or maybe someone who has excelled in the playoffs, our who to follow page provides the top experts in each sport based on the time of the season we are in. 

Another great way to research our NFL handicappers is to see for yourself by taking advantage of the NFL free picks that our experts publish. 

Additional NFL Betting Features

In order to maximize your profits when betting the NFL, it's important that you shop around for the best lines prior to making a wager on a game. Our NFL betting odds page shows spreads and totals from multiple books.  

Want to know who the public is backing this week? Check out our NFL betting percentages to easily see where all the action is. 

Got a specific game in mind that you want to play? Our NFL schedule page has links below each game for any premium picks released on that contest. 

A couple other great tools for handicapping the NFL are our NFL power rankings and NFL teasers sheet. Both of which I'm confident will help you win more of your bets. 

Our site is dedicated to helping you beat the books like never before. If there's anything we can do to help improve your experience on the site or any questions that you might have, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]