NFL Top Trends

Our NFL long-term leaderboard let's you see which of our top NFL experts have profited the most over an extended period of time. 

All of the trends listed on this page are based on a handicappers' ability to provide winning picks on the pro gridiron over multiple seasons. 

The initial rankings are off of total profit won, but you can also sort the results based on our own personal SC Score and win percentage. You can also easily see the win/loss loss records and average odds used by the handicappers.

To see what king of premium or long-term packages the experts below are offering, just click on their name and you will be taken to their individual capper page.

Bet Type
Time Frame
Rank Handicapper Profit Wins Losses %Pct Since Avg. Odds
Sc ScoreThe statistical reliability that a handicapper’s results are better than random chance. Read more about SC Score..
1Jeff Alexander$7,54954943455.9%09-30-2013-10925.60
2Jeff Hochman$6,62622714461.2%11-27-2011-11253.42
3Scott Rickenbach$6,35148438555.7%09-10-2012-11019.46
4Vic Duke$6,17858547555.2%10-11-2010-11114.81
5Dennis Macklin$6,07339530456.5%10-19-2014-11121.45
6Matt Fargo$5,42077765654.2%09-04-2008-1118.31
7Dave Price$5,37038730356.1%09-30-2012-11018.41
8Rob Vinciletti$4,87570559554.2%11-08-2009-1108.57
9Marc David$4,34622616657.6%12-14-2015-11119.82
10John Martin$4,11824818757.0%11-21-2016-11117.30
11Jack Jones$3,98719013558.5%11-20-2016-11221.37
12Brandon Lee$3,60147540054.3%09-20-2012-1107.02
13Trev Rogers$3,48753145254.0%10-11-2012-1105.00
14Kyle Hunter$3,41134328354.8%12-12-2010-1098.22
15Zack Cimini$3,40716211358.9%12-21-2014-11319.67
16Art Aronson$3,23328222755.4%10-08-2015-1108.89
17Sal Michaels$3,181965762.8%11-19-2017-11033.35
18Info Plays$3,01756749053.6%11-20-2011-1103.93
19Wesley Scott$2,93116512057.9%11-09-2017-11412.07
20Sean Murphy$2,78513910157.9%12-23-2017-11014.62

As you can see, we have some of the sharpest minds in the industry when it comes to picking winners on the pro gridiron.

When it comes to picking an NFL handicapper to follow over the course of an entire season, the experts listed on this page come highly recommended. 

All of the long-term NFL trends listed on this page have a date in which the streak started. This can easily be found under the "Since" column in the table. 

If you were to simply bet a $100 flat wager on every premium NFL pick that these experts released from the start of their long-term trend, you would be up the amount shown under the profit column. 

We understand that some people only like to play the sides of the NFL games, while others like to exploit the totals. If you have a preference for one or the other, just change the drop down box at the top next to "Bet Type." 

If you are looking to maximize your profits, be sure to check out the other long-term leaderboards for the other sports we offer on our site. 

More Tools For Picking Out an NFL Expert

While you can't go wrong with any of the NFL handicappers listed on this page, we understand that you might be looking for an expert who is on fire right now. 

Our NFL leaderboard page allows you to see who is profiting the most for just the current season in progress. You also have the ability to look at the top experts for the last 7, 30 and 60 days. 

Want to know which NFL handicappers have a history of exploiting the odds early in the year and which ones have had long-term success beating the books late in the year?

Our who to follow page is updated at least once a month and lists the top handicappers in each sport based on the time of season. 

If you aren't ready to purchase premium NFL picks from our experts or simply want to see what our handicappers have to offer before signing up, I encourage you to check out our NFL free picks page for free betting advice on the pro gridiron. 

Additional NFL Betting Features

Staying on top of the NFL betting odds is a must for anyone who is serious about maximizing profits. We also have a special page that allows you to see the NFL betting percentages on all the upcoming games. 

If you have a specific game that you want to play or want to purchase multiple picks and make sure they are different games, our NFL schedule has individual links that show only the premium picks available for whatever game you select. 

Anyone that is trying to handicap the NFL on your own, needs to make sure they check out our NFL power rankings

You can also use our NFL teasers tip sheet to increase your chances of profiting, as we list the best options on the board for multiple teaser lines. 

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