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Frank Sawyer

Frank Sawyer is on a 62 of 89 (70%) All-Sports run and he furthers his 30 of 39 (77%) CFB run along with his 8 of 11 (73%) CFB GOM/GOY mark with his 25* CFB TV Total of the Month at 3:30 PM ET!

Frank Sawyer's Premium Picks Streaks & Trends

Sport W-L Profit Win Pct Since Archive
Top All Sports 398-294 $7,240 58% 2018-09-21 View Picks
Football 348-261 $6,041 57% 2017-11-26 View Picks
NFL 190-125 $5,229 60% 2017-11-26 View Picks
Top MLB 77-43 $2,870 64% 2018-10-03 View Picks
NCAA-F 35-12 $2,150 74% 2018-12-29 View Picks
Top NHL 41-25 $1,352 62% 2018-05-12 View Picks
CFL 23-9 $1,338 72% 2017-09-04 View Picks
Top NFLX 16-7 $845 70% 2018-08-09 View Picks
NBA 125-111 $617 53% 2019-05-12 View Picks
Basketball 19-13 $519 59% 2019-05-14 View Picks
Top NCAA-B 105-93 $469 53% 2018-01-16 View Picks
WNBA 10-5 $466 67% 2019-07-12 View Picks

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List of accomplishments

Year Accomplishment Record Win % Profit
2016 -2017 #10 in NHL 53-39 57.6% $823

Service Frank Sawyer's Bio & About Section

Frank Sawyer has been the handicapper for the stars ever since he started working in the film industry over 20 years ago. In 1997, Frank decided to make his personal bets available to the public and his Hollywood Sports was born. His service has been ranked #1 by the Sports Monitor in Oklahoma City. Frank's style combines his veteran handicapping instincts with cutting edge statistical metric analysis to make him one of the most distinct, diverse and reliable handicappers in the business. One look at his Game Reports illustrates the difference he brings to the betting window. Frank bets football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and horse racing (he has been a professional racehorse owner). He ranks his plays with a simple 10*, 20* and 25* rating system that serves as a money management guide: 10* plays warrant a standard bet; 20* plays are strong enough to warrant a doubling of a standard bet; 25* plays are Frank's highest rated play and it is recommended to invest 2.5 to 3 times a standard bet. Frank's signature play is his *A-List* release which is reserved for only the most rare and elite betting situations. You can follow his daily sports trials and tribulations (with few jokes thrown in) on Twitter: FrankSawyer_HS