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Frank Sawyer

Frank Sawyer is on an 11 of 16 (69%) MLB run with featured plays — and he furthers his 5 of 7 (71%) MLB Game of the Month/Year mark with his 25* MLB Saturday Night Fox-TV Game of the Month tonight!

Frank Sawyer's Premium Picks Streaks & Trends

Sport W-L Profit Win Pct Since Archive
All Sports 1387-1151 $7,237 55% 2021-08-01 View Picks
NFL 186-136 $3,617 58% 2022-09-12 View Picks
Football 266-216 $2,839 55% 2022-08-27 View Picks
PGA 80-44 $2,724 65% 2023-03-09 View Picks
MLB 102-59 $2,722 63% 2023-06-05 View Picks
NHL 31-21 $654 60% 2023-06-03 View Picks
NCAA-F 10-6 $346 63% 2023-12-16 View Picks
NFLX 5-3 $170 63% 2022-08-27 View Picks

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List of accomplishments

Year Accomplishment Record Win % Profit
2023 -2024 #2 in PGA 51-38 57.3% $363
2022 #2 in NFL 85-55 60.7% $2,423
2020 -2021 #2 in CBB 98-70 58.3% $2,135
2019 -2020 #2 in CFL 9-2 81.8% $675
2018 #2 in NFL 116-82 58.6% $2,459
2022 -2023 #4 in PGA 45-35 56.3% $300
2020 -2021 #5 in BOX 10-4 71.4% $505
2023 -2024 #6 in SOCCER 11-7 61.1% $245
2022 -2023 #6 in NBA 90-59 60.4% $2,530
2021 -2022 #6 in BOX 1-0 100% $100
2022 #7 in Football 117-85 57.9% $2,314
2020 #8 in NFL 91-74 55.2% $959
2020 #8 in Football 145-121 54.5% $1,203
2016 -2017 #8 in NHL 53-39 57.6% $823
2017 #9 in NFL 114-95 54.6% $983
2022 -2023 #10 in SOCCER 7-6 53.9% $23
2021 -2022 #10 in Basketball 163-129 55.8% $2,117

Service Frank Sawyer's Bio & About Section

Frank Sawyer offers unmatched handicapping analysis over a diverse array of sports for his Hollywood Sports clients. Frank combines his over twenty years of experience as a professional sports handicapper with the drive to outwork his competition. Why invest in a sports service? Frank answers that question with a proven methodology. His model for success starts by investing a significant amount of time analyzing each team in the sports he handicaps to serve as a foundation for that season. Frank then combines his team assessments with empirical situational handicapping angles along with the latest in cutting edge analytics to identify value in the betting line. Decades of handicapping experience along with his unrelenting focus are the qualities that Frank offers his clients. Frank produces extensive reports that detail his decisions. He does this for two reasons: (1) clients deserve to see the work that goes into a conclusion and (2) Frank’s attention to detail within these reports validates to his clients that he continues to work tirelessly to unearth winning angles. With that ambition in mind, Frank has expanded his areas of interest and scrutiny to include the English Premier League, the PGA Tour, the WNBA, and UFC/Boxing in recent years to go along with the major four sports of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey along with the Canadian Football League, Horse Racing, and World Cup Soccer that he has specialized in since he began Hollywood Sports in 1997. Frank believes long-term success involves not only continuing to dig deeper into the sports that he covers but also in expanding his horizons with new events that can provide additional tools in his handicapping toolbox with the goal of rewarding his clients for their loyalty over the years.

Frank uses a rating an 8*, 10*, 20*, 25* rating system that also serves a guide for money management: 10* plays warrant a standard bet (and 8* plays warrant 80% of a standard bet); 20* plays should see a doubling of that standard bet; 25* plays are Frank’s highest-rated play with the recommendation to invest 2.5 times the standard bet. For Frank’s futures reports or for events with odds such as PGA events or horse races, Frank usually offers three recommendations in his betting report: his Best Bet for the event; his Top Overlay Bet which presents his best value play relative to the odds for the event: and his Long Shot Bet for a big underdog offer value with its potential big payout. Frank’s signature play his “A-List* release which is reserved for rare and elite betting opportunities.

Follow Frank on Twitter: @FrankSawyerHS