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Matt Sullivan

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Matt Sullivan's Premium Picks Streaks & Trends

Sport W-L Profit Win Pct Since Archive
All Sports 413-337 $4,331 55% 2021-09-16 View Picks
Basketball 638-558 $2,666 53% 2020-12-30 View Picks

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List of accomplishments

Year Accomplishment Record Win % Profit
2021 -2022 #5 in CBB 314-268 54% $2,004
2021 #8 in All Sports 510-439 53.7% $2,930

Service Matt Sullivan's Bio & About Section

Matt Sullivan specializes in ONLY college football and basketball.

Simplified bankroll management:

The majority of plays are "regular" recommendations. Play approximately 3% of your starting bankroll on each of these. Plays tagged as *Best Bets* are only those where there is a major opportunity or the market has yet to adjust to some impactful information. Play 3-5% of your bankroll on these, but no more than 5% on any single wager.

Release Times:

I try to get everything out as soon as I can, most of the time at least a full day before the game. Sometimes late information triggers a bet, but I try to give clients at least 30 minutes notice before any game starts.  Rest assured, the majority of picks you receive will be a day or two in advance of the games.