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ASA is highly regarded as Top Play specialists. As of Aug 12, 2018, all sports Top Plays since January 4, 2017 are 58 games over .500 and +$38,500! Their current MLB Run entering Aug 12, 2018 is 26-9, 74%, +$18,490.

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ASA's MLB *RARE* Money Line Monday *ASA 29-10 / +$20,280 Run!*

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ASA's MLB *RARE* Money Line Monday *ASA 29-10 / +$20,280 Run!*
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ASA's Premium Picks Streaks & Trends

Sport W-L Profit Win Pct Since Archive
Top All Sports 330-274 $3,583 55% 2017-01-04 View Picks
MLB 71-41 $2,877 63% 2018-06-14 View Picks
Top Basketball 210-179 $1,573 54% 2016-12-30 View Picks
NCAA-B 41-25 $1,450 62% 2018-03-02 View Picks
Top NBA 116-95 $1,359 55% 2016-11-15 View Picks
Top NFL 45-30 $1,161 60% 2017-09-10 View Picks
Top Football 52-39 $894 57% 2017-09-16 View Picks
NCAA-F 12-4 $770 75% 2018-09-08 View Picks
CFL 8-3 $474 73% 2016-06-23 View Picks

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ASA Top Play Specialists FULL Season MLB Subscription

Get every single play from now until the last game of the World Series for one low price!  In 2017, ASA's Free MLB went 22-8 +$15,090 and ASA's Top MLB Plays went 29-13 +16,240.  Expect another HUGE season in MLB from ASA this year with Premium Picks in a range of 350 picks for the season.  That means this VALUE package has a per pick cost of ONLY $2. that is VALUE!  All Top Plays for ASA on a HUGE RUN of 279-233 +$39,530 the last 15 months!

ASA Top Play Specialists FULL Season MLB Subscription
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Reg.Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $499.99

*This subscription currently includes 1 MLB pick but more may be added during the term of the subscription.

Price last Updated on: Aug 20, 2018

Full Season NHL Subscription
Get every single selection released by this handicapper in the NHL over the course of the ENTIRE season! That is every side, every total, every puck line and every top play through the end of the Stanley Cup Finals!
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No picks available.

Price last Updated on: Mar 27, 2018

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List of accomplishments

Year Accomplishment Record Win % Profit
2016 -2017 Ranked #4 in CFL 8-3 72.7% $474
2015 Ranked #8 in PRENFL 6-2 75% $375

Service ASA's Bio & About Section

The owners of American Sports Analysts (ASAwins), Lee Kostroski & Mike Merlet, have a combined 50+ years in the industry.  Both started with Doc’s Enterprises, Lee in the late 80’s and Mike in the early 90’s.  After learning the handicapping trade from one of the best in the business, they started ASA Inc in 1997 and have been going strong ever since.  They have been known throughout the industry for their success on BIG GAMES including their 10* Midwest Game of the Year.  They have posted a winning record on Top Games in 14 of their 19 football seasons giving them the much earned reputation as the top BIG GAME HANDICAPPERS in the country.  ASA is located in Madison, WI and they have also become known for their “Midwest ties” and handicapping prowess in the heart of the country – especially the Big Ten.     

ASAwins has appeared on numerous radio shows throughout the country as special expert football guests  including Tampa, New Orleans, Madison, Milwaukee, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Denver just to name a few.  They were also featured on the ESPN website with gaming writer Chad Millman during the 2011 season. 

ASAwins handicapping methods have been developed through years of hard work and research. Rather than implementing one specific strategy as many handicappers do, they intertwine many different philosophies when it comes to making football, basketball, hockey, and baseball selections.  They utilize their massive database that goes back over 30 years and can give them in depth information on any situation you can think of when it comes to handicapping.  That’s not where they stop however.  They also research stats and film each week to evaluate the upcoming match ups on the field along with speaking with their personal contacts throughout the country (especially in the Midwest).  On top of that, they analyze each pointspread (and their movements) comparing them with their own water tight power ratings to find where an edge might be found.  So as you can see, just because a game may fall into a successful system or the scheduling looks good to go against or with a certain team, that doesn’t mean that ASA automatically uses it as a selection. It must go through their in-depth process with all things considered before they give it the ASA stamp of approval. Looking at games from all of these angles gives ASA the best of all worlds when it comes to handicapping. Their handicapping theories have proven successful over the years because they provide their customers with the one thing they look for in this industry and that is WINNING RESULTS! 

Lee & Mike at ASAwins have stood the test of time in an industry that makes it very tough to do so.  Their 50+ years of experience will give you the WINNING EDGE you need.  Sports wagering is an investment and it’s time you hire ASAwins as your stock brokers!