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Above is a list of all the available NBA games with lines currently posted and the betting percentages for those matchups. For those that aren't familiar with this information, it simply informs you of where the majority of the action is (number of bets) in regards to the spread, money line and total.

For example, say the Chicago Bulls are hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers (road team will be on top, home team on the bottom) with the Bulls listed as 4.5-point favorites (can be found under spread column). To the right of that will be the column titled "Spread%" which in this case may have something along the lines of 44% on top and 56% on bottom. This tells you that 44% of the bets that have been placed on the Cavaliers and 56% is on the Bulls.

The thing to keep in mind is that it's not a reflection of the amount money being wagered. It simply lets you know the percentage of bets being placed on each side. While there may only be 44% of the bets coming in on the Cavaliers, those bets could add up to be more than the 56% on the Bulls. Unfortunately the exact amount that is wagered on both sides is not available to the general public, but you get a good feel for where they money is based on how the line moves. In our example with the Cavaliers and Bulls, if the line dropped to 4.5 to 4, that's a good indicator that there's more money being bet on Cleveland, despite the fact that they are receiving fewer total wagers. This is typically a good sign of sharp money and a quality bet. If the line moved from 4.5 to 5, then Chicago is likely receiving the majority of bets and money. 

Another key to spotting sharp money, is if you have a game that is receiving 60% or more of the action, but the line isn't moving. This gives you a pretty good idea that there's enough big wagers on the team that's only getting 40% of the action to offset the high quantity of small bets on the 60% side.