McGregor/Mayweather Fight Odds and Free Prediction

Time to jump on Mayweather here. The Vegas line opened at 9-1 odds and sucker money has driven it down to 6-1. Let's get something straight: I'm not inclined to ever bet heavy favorites; as a matter of fact, I have yet to bet a MLB favorite about -150 on the money line. Nevertheless, not too many sure things pop up like this either. 

For those who are students of the boxing game, it's obvious: Mayweather is as good a technician in the ring as any. The gift that makes him great is his reflexes. Yes, he's 40 and the average speed fighter, especially in the lower weight classes, at that age slows down considerably; however, Mayweather has not taken much time off, lives a healthy lifestyle and stayed in the gym despite his recent layoff. Given his ring experience, foot work and ability to evade punches, Mayweather will remain dangerous August 26th.

Let's face it, McGregor took this fight for the money. No sugar coating needed. He will make more money for this fight than he'll ever make in an octagon under Dana White. McGregor was given the bad luck of the draw in terms of skill sets used for this fight; instead, he has to refine or actually learn to be a championship level striker in a relative short time. Any boxer will tell you it takes years to hone boxing skills in the ring. McGregor is a rank amateur at best in boxing. Consequently, that will be a major problem for McGregor. Oh, to further exacerbate the problem for McGregor, he requested eight ounce gloves! Given the speed disadvantage, McGregor has made it even more easy to side with Mayweather.

Bottom line, the only way Mayweather can lose this fight is if he gets gravely ill on the morning of August 26th or gets a busted hand from beating the head of McGregor routinely. Even then, I would still believe he could eke out a majority decision.

Lock: Mayweather -600