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Find out which of our baseball experts are crushing the books this season by checking our checking out our MLB leaderboard below. 

We rank our top experts based on total profit won for the current season in process, as the MLB leaderboard is reset at the start of each new season. 

All picks are graded the same and profit is determined using a flat $100 bet. The records and profits found on this page our updated daily

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Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L Avg. Odds
Sc ScoreThe statistical reliability that a handicapper’s results are better than random chance. Read more about SC Score..
1 Timothy Black $3,004 11.3% 56.4% 124-96 +100 17.89
2 Ricky Tran $2,388 20.6% 70.9% 56-23 -143 25.12
3 Sean Higgs $2,117 5.1% 51.9% 194-180 +105 7.15
4 Kyle Hunter $2,067 33.6% 72.9% 35-13 -112 41.48
5 Mark Wilson $1,931 7.4% 54.7% 123-102 -101 8.80
6 Info Plays $1,870 8.2% 56.2% 109-85 -109 6.35
7 Brandon Lee $1,733 13.1% 59.8% 67-45 -111 11.84
8 Zack Cimini $1,596 12.8% 57.7% 64-47 -106 8.61
9 Dustin Hawkins $1,583 8.6% 55.3% 84-68 +100 8.44
10 Calvin King $1,501 8.5% 55.0% 82-67 -103 5.51
11 Kiev O'Neil $1,317 8.2% 55.9% 71-56 -108 4.05
12 Cole Faxon $1,294 5.0% 50.7% 113-110 +111 4.80
13 William Burns $1,198 6.9% 59.9% 79-53 -129 3.35
14 Rob Vinciletti $1,111 7.3% 59.0% 69-48 -122 3.86
15 Joseph D'Amico $1,105 10.8% 59.8% 49-33 -117 5.70
16 Sal Michaels $1,095 9.5% 55.9% 52-41 -102 5.48
17 R&R Totals $937 8.5% 57.0% 53-40 -109 4.39
18 Jack Jones $812 2.4% 52.6% 152-137 -108 0.26
19 Pure Lock $809 7.8% 59.0% 46-32 -127 1.46
20 Black Widow $711 3.9% 55.6% 79-63 -115 1.32

As you can see, we have a number of MLB experts that are helping clients build their bankroll on the diamond. 

If you are someone who is looking for betting advice on the bases this season, I highly recommend taking a look at the guys listed on this leaderboard. 

While the default rankings for the MLB leaderboard are for total profit won, you also have the option of sorting the handicappers on this page by win percentage, ROI, average odds, wins and Sc Score. 

You can also change the date range for the leaderboard to only show the top baseball handicappers for the last 7, 30 and 60 days. 

If you are someone who likes a lot of action or only wants to play a limited number of plays per day, you can get a great idea of the number of picks each handicapper publishes daily, by adding up their win/loss records and dividing it by the number of days that have past in the season. 

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For those of you looking for a handicapper that has provided long-term success on the diamond, you are going to want to check out our MLB long-term trends section, as this shows all the top experts based on profit won over multiple seasons. 

Want to know which handicappers excel early in the year and which ones have profited the most come playoff time? Our who to follow page list our top recommendations in each sport based on the time of season that we are currently in. 

For those of you looking for results before you make a purchase, our MLB experts offer free betting advice daily throughout the season on our MLB free picks page. 

Additional MLB Handicapping Features

I can't stress enough the importance of shopping around for the best lines before placing a wager in any sport. Easily see which books are offering the best prices by visiting our MLB betting odds section. 

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