NBA Top Trends

This is our long-term NBA leaderboard section. Here you will find the top experts in pro basketball, who have shown the ability to consistently provide their clients with winning picks. 

All of the trends listed on this page are over multiple years and all profit is calculated using a $100 wager for every premium selection that is published by handicapper. 

You can easily see the win/loss records over the duration of each trend listed below, as well as the date from which the trend started. 

Want to know more about the NBA experts listed on this page? Just click on their name and you will be taken to their capper page, where you can see all of their past achievements, hot streaks and previous day results, as well as all of their premium and long-term subscriptions. 

Rank Handicapper Profit Wins Losses %Pct Since Avg. Odds
Sc ScoreThe statistical reliability that a handicapper’s results are better than random chance. Read more about SC Score..
1 Jack Jones $15,991 1,957 1,674 53.9% 03-22-2009 -108 31.43
2 Jeff Alexander $13,401 2,534 2,229 53.2% 04-30-2008 -108 16.99
3 Mr. East $11,121 2,336 2,065 53.1% 10-28-2008 -108 11.92
4 Stephen Nover $9,674 1,100 914 54.6% 05-07-2011 -110 20.33
5 Rocky's Lock Club $8,047 664 542 55.1% 05-06-2012 -108 24.60
6 Teddy Davis $7,204 733 616 54.3% 11-04-2015 -107 18.10
7 Dave Price $6,923 1,097 957 53.4% 01-17-2012 -107 10.62
8 Bobby Conn $6,640 1,069 922 53.7% 01-03-2014 -108 12.02
9 John Martin $5,743 2,060 1,867 52.5% 01-04-2013 -107 3.68
10 Alex Smart $5,717 1,142 1,003 53.2% 12-13-2016 -108 6.94
11 Bobby Wing $5,651 531 435 55.0% 03-09-2018 -109 15.17
12 Doc's Sports $5,125 632 543 53.8% 01-19-2018 -107 10.37
13 Art Aronson $5,053 331 259 56.1% 11-06-2018 -108 20.29
14 Dustin Hawkins $4,779 521 441 54.2% 12-14-2017 -107 11.00
15 Totals Guru $4,614 507 422 54.6% 03-23-2017 -109 10.41
16 Dana Lane $4,340 266 206 56.4% 12-22-2020 -108 18.81
17 Jesse Schule $4,081 443 347 56.1% 02-02-2016 -118 6.18
18 Kenny Walker $3,781 386 319 54.8% 02-23-2018 -109 9.27
19 Matt Fargo $3,600 1,564 1,422 52.4% 11-14-2008 -108 1.88
20 Larry Wallace $3,257 183 140 56.7% 10-24-2019 -108 15.22

As you can see, we have a number of NBA handicappers who are crushing the books in the NBA. 

When it comes to long-term NBA subscriptions or season packages, these are the guys that you can trust to bring home a profit on the pro hardwood. 

All of the long-term trends on this page are active streaks and the results/profits are updated daily

While profit is important, you can also sort the top NBA handicappers on this page by win percentage and SC Score. 

For those of you not familiar with SC Score, it's simply our own rating system that we use to show how confident we are in that handicapper providing winning picks. 

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