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You have found our NBA leaderboard page. Here is where you will be able to find the top NBA experts who have been crushing the books this season.  

Handicappers are ranked based on their performance for the current season in process and the leaderboard is reset at the start of each new season. 

All records are updated daily and profit is determined using a flat $100 wager for each selection placed by the handicapper. 

To find out more about the handicappers listed on this page, just click on their name and you will be taken to their profile page. Here you can look at the premium and long-term subscriptions, hot streaks, past results and achievements. 

Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L Avg. Odds
Sc ScoreThe statistical reliability that a handicapper’s results are better than random chance. Read more about SC Score..
1 Jack Jones $4,209 8.8% 57.3% 244-182 -111 18.77
2 John Martin $3,250 5.3% 55.3% 301-243 -110 9.52
3 Big Al McMordie $2,570 9.9% 57.8% 134-98 -110 13.56
4 Alex Smart $1,748 5.1% 55.1% 168-137 -110 4.48
5 Sean Murphy $1,525 5.9% 55.6% 128-102 -110 4.95
6 Bobby Conn $1,209 3.4% 54.1% 171-145 -110 1.91
7 Black Widow $1,152 4.1% 54.6% 137-114 -110 2.44
8 Will Rogers $1,144 6.7% 56.1% 87-68 -111 3.88
9 Brandon Lee $1,139 3.1% 54.1% 177-150 -110 2.01
10 Mike Lundin $1,133 3.0% 54.2% 182-154 -111 1.64
11 Johnny Banks $1,082 3.2% 54.8% 160-132 -114 1.36
12 Dustin Hawkins $1,081 3.0% 53.7% 174-150 -109 1.56
13 William Burns $981 13.5% 60.3% 38-25 -116 5.62
14 Ricky Tran $948 4.8% 58.9% 89-62 -127 2.77
15 Ross Benjamin $918 5.1% 55.6% 90-72 -112 2.42
16 ASA $901 3.6% 54.5% 121-101 -112 1.25
17 Rocky's Lock Club $753 8.0% 56.5% 48-37 -110 2.87
18 Marc Lawrence $643 9.5% 57.4% 35-26 -111 2.80
19 Sean Higgs $613 8.2% 56.7% 38-29 -111 2.28
20 Calvin King $488 0.9% 52.8% 258-231 -110 0.14

If you are someone who strictly likes betting the NBA, the handicappers listed on this page are the ones that we recommend taking a look at

While the initial rankings on this page are based on total profit won for the season in process, you can also look at win percentage, win/loss records, ROI and the average odds used when making selections. 

Keep in mind that just because a handicapper has profited the most, doesn't mean he's hit at the highest percentage. They simply may have just played more games, which makes them a perfect choice for you action junkies out there. 

If you want a more selective approach with a bigger return on your investment, try sorting the list based on win percentage or ROI. 

You also have the option of looking back over the last 7, 30, or 60 days to see which handicappers have gained steam since the season first started. 

If you are looking for help in different sports, just change the drop down box at the top of the page to the sport you are interested in and you will be taken to the leaderboard for that sport. 

Additional Ways to Research Our NBA Handicappers

While we are confident that if given the chance the experts listed on this page will help you build your bankroll, we understand that you may want more proof before signing up with a premium package. 

If you are someone that isn't as concerned about the profit won just for this season and focused more on an expert with multiple years of success, you are going to want to check out our NBA long-term trends section. 

We also update our own recommended list of NBA experts based on the time of season on our who to follow page

Another useful tool for picking the right handicapper that best meets your needs, is our NBA free picks page. Here you can not only get free betting advice, but a look into what to expect with the premium picks. 

More Tools For Maximizing Your NBA Profits

If you are serious about building your bankroll on the pro hardwood, than you are going to want to get into the habit of visiting our NBA betting odds page. This is the perfect place to shop around for the best lines and track any big line movement. 

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We also offer our own NBA power rankings and NBA teaser sheets for anyone to use. 

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